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EZ Cup is a reusable single serve coffee filter made by Perfect Pod to fit into Keurig brewers and other k cup compatible coffee makers.  This product, like the Solofill or My K-Cup, was designed to give k cup users the freedom to use their own coffee grounds rather than only having the option of the coffee provided in k cups.  Using a refillable filter also allows consumers to cut down the cost of single serving coffee giving you the best price per k cup, while also reducing the waste created by throwing away a plastic cup each time they brew.

In the following sections you will find a product description, tips and hints on product use, and helpful review highlights from customers who have used the EZ Cup.

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What Exactly is EZ Cup?

EZ Cup consists of a plastic filter holder containing a self-tamping spring, a plastic lid, and a paper filter.  When you buy the EZ Cup, you will get 5 paper filters with it.  After that, you must purchase paper filters.  You simply place the paper filter into the filter holder, pour in your grounds making sure that the top edges of the paper filter and it’s lid wrap over the rim of the filter holder.  Then, close the lid and place the EZ Cup into your k cup brewer.  There is no need to remove your brewer’s k cup holder, the EZ Cup slides right in.

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Any Helpful Tips on Using One?

  • It works great with ‘drip brew’ grounds, which is what you will typically find in pre-ground bags of coffee.
  • If you don’t make sure the paper filter and lid are wrapped around the rim of the cup when you snap on the plastic lid, you will get a water leak.  Just make you get that part right and the plastic lid snapped securely and you should not have a problem.
  • Some consumers found that they could not get enough coffee into the filter because the spring pushed too hard against it.  They remedied this by pushing against the spring until it was weaker or moved back enough to not push so hard against the coffee in the filter.  This would be modifying the product, and is not a recommendation, but this is an issue that some customers had and it is a tip regarding how they resolved the issue.

Most Helpful EZ Cup Review Pros:

  • The most popular pro is definitely that this product creates a really cheap k-cup.  Nothing like finding a way to save money!
  • Many consumers found that the paper filter was much easier to clean than dealing with a metal mesh filter.
  • Customers also said that Perfect Pod, the maker of the EZ Cup, has exceptional customer service and any issues that they had were taken care of quickly and with care.
  • The paper filter is a favorite for many because you don’t have to do so much tweaking with grind level to avoid getting grounds in your coffee.  Also, people that prefer the taste of coffee that has passed through a paper filter appreciate this reusable k cup over the metal mesh filters.
  • Customers liked that they did not have to remove the filter holder from their coffee maker; rather the EZ Cup pops right in like a k cup.

Most Helpful EZ Cup Review Gripes:

  • Some people had problems with water leaking, but later remedied it with getting a proper seal with the filter edges over the rim of the filter holder and a tightly closed lid.
  • The paper filter was a problem for some.  Initially, the filter would bust and spurt grounds into the coffee.  Some resolved this issue by contacting customer service and finding that the tamping pad which rests on top of the spring, needed to be centered; otherwise it could cause a rip in the filter.  Others found resolve when they began to use the filters they had purchased rather than the free ones that came with the machine.

Is the EZ Cup Refillable Single Serving Coffee Filter Right for Me?

The EZ Cup was made to universally fit any brewer that uses k cups.  To determine whether or not this reusable k cup filter option is right for you, you will need to weigh all of the reasons that you are seeking one.  Are your reasons purely to find the best price on k cups, or are you interested in using your own coffee?  Or is your motivation based on environmental factors and you want to reduce your plastic k cup waste?  These things will determine which option is right for you, and there are several options out there.

There are refillable k cup filters with a metal mesh filter, such as the Solofill, or My K-Cup.  These products won’t have a paper filter to have to throw out, but they coffee will taste different than that brewed through a paper filter, and the clean-up will be different.

There are caps like My K-Cap that allow you to reuse actual k cups up to 10 times.  And there is the Pod Holster made by Perfect Pod, which allows you to use pods in your k cup brewer.

Do you research, see what is out there, check out youtube videos, and do the math if cost is a main factor.   Luckily, you do have plenty of options whatever your motivation may be.

How Much Money Am I Saving By Using the EZ Cup?

The amount of savings you will reap from using the EZ Cup will be determined by the expense of the coffee that you buy, as well as, the paper filters.   The following example uses a particular coffee just to demonstrate the cost breakdown.   To figure this for yourself, just substitute in the cost of your coffee of choice.

Magnum Jamaican Blue Mountain – 1lb bag whole beans – $8.77 including sales tax

Perfect Pod EZ Cup Paper Filters – 50 ct box – $5.35 including sales tax

Depending on how strong you make your coffee, this bag will yield 30 to 45 cups (6oz.).  The chart below will demonstrate your cost per cup for the various yields.


Coffee Cost Per Cup

Filter Cost Per Cup

Total Cost Per Cup



$              0.29$           0.107$              0.40



$              0.25$           0.107$              0.36



$              0.22$           0.107$              0.33



$              0.19$           0.107$              0.30




Your total cost per cup for strong brew is going to be approximately 40 cents, and your mild brew will be the cheapest at 30 cents.  This number will vary depending on the expense of your coffee, but remember, this should be comparable with the cost of coffee from your standard drip machine.  Your yield should be the same and you are also buying paper filters.  The difference here that you should take note of is that with the single serving brew system, you are only making what you will drink.  There will not be coffee left in the pot to waste.  If you are one who uses the standard drip coffee maker and routinely end up throwing some coffee out you are spending more than you think on the cups that you drink.  Do the math, you may be surprised.

All in all, the reviews for the EZ Cup reusable k cup filter are great, it is a cheap k cup brewing method, and it is great for the environmentally conscious who don’t like throwing a lot of plastic in our landfills.

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