Keurig vs. Tassimo

If you are contemplating a single-cup brewing system for your home you have your research cut out for you.  There are many great options out there, and each has its features, pros, cons, and all around best uses.   Being that this site is dedicated to k cups and k cup compatible brewers, this article will compare the popular Tassimo single cup brewing system with Keurig and its k cup brewing system.

What is Tassimo and Who Makes it?

Tassimo is a single-cup hot beverage system owned by Kraft Foods Inc.  The Tassimo machines debuted in Europe in 2004, and are now available in many European countries, as well as, the United States and Canada.  The earlier machines were distributed by Braun, however today’s systems are manufactured by Bosch, which is well known for innovation and quality.

What Kind of Features Do the Tassimo Machines Offer and How Much Do They Cost?

Tassimo isn’t your ordinary coffee maker, nor is it just a single-serve brewer that will whip out coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.  In addition to those hot drinks, the Tassimo brews espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos, which is one area that it differs from the Keurig.  Currently, you can choose from three different models: the Intermediate, Suprema, and Premium and they run anywhere between $99 and $169.

How Does the Tassimo Brewing System Work?

Coffee pods specifically designed for the Tassimo brew system, called T Discs (Tassimo Discs) are made of plastic and have a bar code on the label.  The machine reads this bar code to recognize the amount and temperature of water, as well as, the brew time necessary for the beverage being prepared.  This kind of smart brewing technology ensures that no matter which type of hot drink you choose, you will get consistent high quality flavor every time.

What Types of Coffees and Other Beverages Are Available in T Discs?

The variety of brands available is limited; however, they are based on quality.  The following lists are current beverages offered in Tassimo T Discs:



Milk Creamers

Maxwell HouseGevaliaTassimo
GevaliaCarte noire
KencoMastro Lorenzo
Mastro Lorenzo
Carte Noire



JACOBSMaxwell HouseTazo


Hot Chocolate

Iced Coffee

Maxwell HouseSuchard

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Where Can I Buy T Discs and How Much Are They?

Tassimo T Discs can be found in local stores such as Kohl’s, JC Penney, Target, Walmart, Macy’s, and Bed Bath & Beyond.  Online you can find T Discs on sites such as,,, and, and  For a complete list of retailers visit Tassimo Direct.  T Discs cost anywhere between 34 cents and can reach 60 cents and more depending on the beverage you buy and whether or not you will pay sales tax and shipping charges.

Are There Products Out There That Allow Me To Use My Own Coffee?

Due to the bar code on the label and the system’s use of it to determine the optimal combination of water, temperature and brew time, there is no substitute for a T Disc.  This is a deterrent to many consumers because it further limits the coffees that can be brewed with the Tassimo, and also not great news for those that are either price or environmentally conscious, or both.

Overall Comparison with the Keurig System

To compare the Keurig and Tassimo brewing systems is really not comparing apples to apples, as the Keurig is really a coffee brewer that also makes hot chocolate and teas, whereas the Tassimo is more of a multi-function machine that is capable of making lattes and cappuccinos in addition to coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.  However, for the sake of giving readers an idea of which of these two machines is right for them, we will highlight the features and limitations of each.


  • Offers a great variety of coffees that can be found in local stores as well as online.
  • Products are available that are compatible with brewers that allow consumers to use their own grounds, or even pods in Keurig or K Cup compatible brewers.
  • Being able to use your own coffee cuts the expense, as well as, waste of single serve brewing.
  • Limited to coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cider – no latte, espresso, or cappuccino capabilities.
  • Brewers are comparable in price with the Tassimo.
  • Starbucks recently announced that their products would be available in K Cups.


  • Offers a smaller variety of coffees, but a larger variety of beverage possibilities due to the capability of making lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos.
  • Many consumers love the quality of the drinks made by this brewer.
  • T Disc technology uses barcodes to identify each disc in order to calculate the appropriate amount and temperature of water, and brew for the right amount of time for that specific beverage.
  • Brewers are compatible in price with the Keurig
  • T Discs are also comparable in pricing with K Cups, however the products available for K cup users that allow consumers to reuse them, or use their own coffee significantly reduce the cost of K Cups.  T Discs users do not have those products available, and therefore cannot use their own coffee and must use a new T Disc each time.
  • Starbucks recently announced their products would no longer be available in T Discs.


In summary, if you are mainly after a brewer that will get you single servings of coffee every day, and the occasional hot chocolate or tea would be nice then the Keurig system is probable your best bet.   If you want to be able to really reduce cost and waste and have the ability to use your own coffee then the obvious choice is Keurig.  However, if you are more interested in being able to whip up a variety of coffee house style drinks at home, then the Tassimo is what you need.  The varieties of beverages are limited, so you should check out what they offer and be sure that they offer beverages that you like in T Disc.  Both machines get great reviews, but the key is to do your research to find out what to expect from each brewer, so you select the option that best suits your needs and so you know what’s out there before you make a purchase and find out later that another product offers something that you wish you had.

A good place to start is where you can read reviews from those who have purchased each brewer.


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