Keurig vs. Senseo

With all of the single-cup coffee brewers out there, if you have found yourself searching for one you have your work cut out for you.  There are many great options out there, and each has its own capabilities and best features, as well, as limitations and shortcomings.  The best thing to do is jump right in and see what is out there, do some comparisons with brewer pricing, beverage pricing for each system, and get an idea of what features are make or break for you.  This article will compare Keurig and its k cup brewing system with the Senseo pod system.

What is Senseo and Who Makes it?

Senseo is a single-serve home coffee brewing system from Douwe Egberts, a subsidiary of Sara Lee Corporation.  This brew system was introduced across the globe in 2001 and is manufactured by the well-known electronics company Philips.  There are also Hamilton Beach machines that are compatible with the Senseo coffee pods.

What Kind of Features Do the Senseo Machines Offer and How Much Do They Cost?

The Senseo single-cup coffee brewing system is pretty straightforward; it brews a fresh cup of gourmet coffee in under a minute.  Though there are espresso and cappuccino pods, this system does not promote itself as an espresso machine.  The Philips models do, however, achieve a crema top layer which many reviewers love about this system.

There are currently two Philips machines available.  One retails for $49.99 and brews a cup of coffee in under a minute.  It features an automatic shut-off after an hour.  The other retails for $139.99 and has 6 volume sizes, and comes with an espresso pod holder.

The two Hamilton Beach models are simple pod brewers and retail for $19.99 and $29.99, which are both very economical choices if you are simply looking for a single-cup brewer for your daily coffee.

How Does the Senseo Brewing System Work?

The Senseo single-cup brewing system uses sealed pre-portioned pods to deliver consistent quality coffee every time.  It is a very simple system of placing the pod in the brewer and hitting a button.  It works very much like a standard drip coffee machine, though you don’t have to measure out grounds, and the clean-up is easier and less messy.

What Types of Coffees and Other Beverages Are Available in Senseo Pods?

Senseo coffee pods come in 12 different flavors.  They are as follows:

Dark RoastBrazil Blend
Medium RoastKenya Blend
Decaffeinated RoastColombia Blend
Paris: French VanillaBreakfast Blend
Vienna: HazelnutEspresso
Sumatra BlendKona Blend


Where Can I Buy Senseo Pods and How Much Are They?

Senseo pods are widely available on the net and in your local stores.   They are sold at Target and are in many local grocery aisles as well.  You can also get great deals online so it is worth searching around for specials.  Overall, the Senseo pods are fairly inexpensive in comparison with the Keurig and other single-cup brewing systems.  They average about 30 cents a pod, almost half the cost of most other single-cup brew system portions.

Are There Products Out There That Allow Me To Use My Own Coffee?

Yes!  There are pod machines out there such as the Perfect Pod Maker by Perfect Pod, and you can search Google or even YouTube for ways to make your own pods without a pod maker.  This may seem like a lot of effort to some, but others love the freedom to use their own coffee, not to mention the reduced expense.  Senseo recommends not using pods meant for other pod brewers, as they say that the coffee used and amount measured for each pod contributes to the consistent quality from cup to cup.   Most consumers say that they experiment with this though, to expand their options for coffee without having to make their own pods.

Overall Comparison with the Keurig System


  • Offers a great variety of popular coffees that can be found in local stores as well as online.
  • Products are available that are compatible with brewers that allow consumers to use their own grounds, or even pods in Keurig or K Cup compatible brewers.
  • Being able to use your own coffee cuts the expense, as well as, waste of single serve brewing.
  • Limited to coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cider
  • Brewers are more expensive than the Senseo system.
  • Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts recently announced that their products would be available in K Cups.


  • Seems to be a no-nonsense very affordable single-cup brewing system.
  • There is a Supreme model that has nice features and options, and many like the crema layer on the top of their coffee.
  • Manufacturer suggested pods are Senseo brand only.
  • There are ways to make your own pods, giving you the ability to use your own coffee.
  • Brewers are inexpensive, and the Hamilton Beach models start at $19.99.


The Senseo produces a great cup of coffee for a very low price in comparison with other single-serve brewing systems.  If you know that you like Senseo coffees, or if you plan to make your own pods this system might be a great choice for you.  The Keurig system is the most popular single-cup home brewing system on the market today.  Their patented K Cups are available with many popular coffee brands like Caribou, Gloria Jean’s, Timothy’s and tea brands like Twinings and Celestial Seasonings.  So, if you want a market that has a great variety of beverages, as well as, the ability to use your own coffee the Keurig might be a good choice for you.

A great help in your research will be checking out the reviews of what consumers who have purchased each brewer has to say.  You can check out reviews for the Keurig, and the Senseo on

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    June 12, 2011 - 8:10 am | Permalink

    Senseo isn’t the only pod maker that can be stuffed into the chamber of these inexpensive machines. With 18 pods for $5 at Wal-Mart vs 18 K-Cups for $10.98, the choice becomes obvious. If you want to use your own coffee, get ecopods for that purpose. Also very easy to find Senseo pods on the net and ordering sales tax free doesn’t seem all that bad.

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  • 2
    June 12, 2011 - 8:25 am | Permalink

    Hey Rob! I am looking into ecopods right now. As soon as I use it, I will post an article about it. Pods are definitely cheaper, but it also depends on how picky you are about your coffee and if that coffee comes in pods…all in all it opens up options for us k cup brewers.

    Thanks for the input!

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    June 25, 2011 - 6:35 pm | Permalink

    my girlfriend and most people i know have the keurig. i bought a senseo some years ago and absolutely love it. i have converted many keurig fans into senseo addicts as well. i had plenty of cups of keurig at other peoples houses and find it to be plain old run of the mill coffee. i think keurig fans believe that since the keurig has alot of bells and whistles there might actually be some magic little elves somewhere in the machine slaving away to bring them their cup of java. the senseo was made to simply make perfect coffee with perfect temp. and pressure for the real coffee lovers. all those gimicky flavored k cups are strictly for people with child like tastebuds

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