Keurig vs. Flavia

Searching for a single-cup brewing system for your home can be time consuming and quite confusing, as there are many great options out there.  Each has its own capabilities, features, selection of beverages, and method for which the single serving of each beverage is packaged.  Some single serving beverage portions come in pods; others come in sealed cups, discs, or capsules.  This article seeks to compare the Keurig k cup brewing system with the Flavia.

So What Exactly is Flavia?

Flavia is a single-cup brewing system by Mars Drinks, of the well known food company Mars Incorporated.  The gourmet home brewing system launched in the United States in 2005, and by 2010 Mars Inc. had acquired Alterra Coffee Roasters and introduced The Bright Tea Company.

What Kind of Features Do the Flavia Machines Offer and How Much Do They Cost?

The Flavia brewing system delivers coffees, teas, cappuccinos, hot chocolates and other gourmet specialty drinks in under a minute.  The brewers have built in water filters to ensure consistent quality and flavor of your drinks.  Home brewers range in price from $124.99 to $189.99 and can be found online at various retailers or directly at

How Does the Flavia Brewing System Work?

The Flavia brewing system uses foil-sealed filterpacks containing just the right amount of coffee grounds, tea, or hot chocolate for a consistent brew each time.  These signature filterpacks are designed to seal in the contents protecting it from oxygen and moisture.  The filterpack is inserted into the brew head, which is adjustable in height to allow for a taller mug.  Piping hot water flows through the filterpack straight into your mug.  Clean up is a snap by simply removing and discarding the filterpack.

What Types of Coffees and Other Beverages are Available for the Flavia?

There are 30 different types of drinks available with the Flavia system.  The coffee line is from Alterra Coffee Roasters and contains many different varieties such as House Blend, Espresso Roast, French Roast and many more.  Teas are from The Bright Tea Company and include Earl Grey, Japanese Green, Lemon Herbal and many more.  Hot chocolates are by Dove, and there are specialty swirl packs inspired by products from the Mars candy line, such as Milky Way and the Mars bar.  All of the drinks available come from Mars Drinks, you will not find Starbucks or any other popular coffee in their line-up.

Where Can I Buy Flavia coffee and How Much Are They?

Beverages for the Flavia can be found online at various retailers, or directly at  They will be available on in June 2011.  The average prices for the filterpacks range from $11.19 for 20 (56 cents per pack) and $51.39 for 100 (51 cents per pack).  Other specialty packs can be higher in price, and if you are making a latte or cappuccino that requires a swirl pack you could be spending $1.03 or more per drink.  That may sound expensive for a home brew, but think about that cost relative to going to a popular chain coffee shop.  Sounds like a savings on a great quality coffee over the retail per drink option.

Are There Products Out There That Allow Me To Use My Own Coffee?

There are no products out there that allow you to reuse a filterpack, or to use your own coffee.  That means that you will be using a new one each time, which eliminates your ability to reduce cost and waste.  Also, with the beverages offered being from the Mars Drinks brands only, the inability to use your own coffee seems limiting.  In other words, you had better really like their coffees and drinks because those are your only options.

Overall Comparison with the Keurig System


  • A large variety of coffees including many popular brands such as Caribou, Coffee People, Gloria Jean’s and more.
  • K cups are available in local stores as well as online.
  • Products are available that are compatible with brewers that allow consumers to use their own grounds, or even pods in Keurig or K Cup compatible brewers.
  • The ability to use your own coffee reduces the expense, as well as, waste of single cup brewing.
  • Limited to coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cider – no latte, espresso, or cappuccino capabilities.
  • Many brewers to choose from, and start at $99.  Less expensive than Flavia.
  • Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts recently announced that their products would be available in K Cups.
  • Doesn’t prepare the frothy cappuccinos and lattes like Flavia.


  • Offers a decent variety of coffees but all from the same brand.
  • Prepares a larger variety of beverage possibilities due to the capability of making lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos.
  • Brewers tend to be more expensive than Keurig
  • Brewers have built in water filters
  • Coffee filterpacks are comparable in price with K cups, but there are no products available that allow you to use your own coffee or reuse a filterpack, giving you no option to reduce your cost or waste.


To sum up the comparison, if you are looking for a single-cup brewer mainly for your daily coffee and the occasional hot chocolate or tea would be an added bonus, then the Keurig system is probably your best option.   If you want to be able to really reduce cost and waste and have the ability to use your own coffee then you definitely want to go with the Keurig.  However, if you are more interested in being able to whip up a variety of gourmet coffee house style beverages at home, then the Flavia will best suite your needs.  The varieties of beverages are limited as they are all Mars Drinks brands, so you should check out what they offer, and if at all possible try their beverages.  Both machines have great features, but the important thing is to do your research to find out what to expect from each brewer, so you select the option that best suits your needs and so you know what’s out there before you make a purchase and find out later that another product offers something that you wish you had.

A good place to start is and where you can read reviews from those who have purchased each brewer.

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