Keurig B155 Brewing System

Keurig B155 Brewing SystemThe Keurig B155 Brewer utilizes k cup technology and makes perfect coffee in just minutes and is perfect for the home and office. Want that fresh, gourmet, coffee shop taste that you get in fancy restaurants? This single cup brewer can do that. Or, maybe you’re not into coffee, but love hot cocoa. This single machine can do it. Great for the office where everyone can enjoy their favorite hot beverage they way they like it.

The Keurig B155 Brewing System has an interactive touch screen that is completely programmable. It lets you program the temperature of the brew right in, for a precise result every time. You can even set your language preferences to French, Spanish, and English, perfect for those diverse work places. There is an automatic on and off timer that helps save energy costs. There are four different cup size options:  4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz. and 10 oz. and it is perfect for travel mugs. It also features a 90 oz. water reservoir and QuietBrew technology ensuring that your brew cycle is as inconspicuous as possible.

Keurig B155 Brewer Pros:

Accommodates all cup sizes, has multiple settings, can fit most travel mugs, is easy to use and stylish. A purchaser said that he has had this product for about four months now and he absolutely is in love with it. He makes about three to five cups a day and this is his third Keurig coffee machine. He said that he upgraded to this from the Platinum edition. He appreciated the reservoir being larger and also appreciated the LCD screen. He also stated that he enjoyed the various cup size options and that the machine performed at a much quieter pace than the other units.

He said that the Keurig B155 Brewer can fit most of his travel mugs underneath the machine for fresh coffee. He said this is a relief, as his last unit did not fit most travel mugs. He did mention that the default cup setting is missing and he was perplexed. He was annoyed that he cannot turn the LCD screen off and avoid having to see the same commercial advertising images over and over while using the machine. He wanted to hire someone to hack his coffee machine to get rid of the annoying ads. He also noted that the closing and opening area of the machine felt cheap and flimsy.

Another purchaser stated that he purchased this unit for a hair salon. He appreciated that it was much quieter than his home brewing system, but that he has not had it long enough to test the performance and durability. He did say that it was kind of heavy at thirty pounds.

Keurig B155 Brewer Cons:

Not compatible with “My K cup”, no default cup setting, and no LCD off setting. Another user wrote it was very difficult for him to clean. He said that the reservoir had a very strong chemical smell to it that transfers on to the water. He attempted to clean it several times with vinegar, but the smell persisted. He said that he would not purchase the Keurig B155 Brewer again and he would not recommend it to any friends.

Another purchaser said that this was his second gourmet home brewing system in three years’ time. He said that both have stopped working. Although he loves the K cup idea, he feels the quality of the brewing systems is terrible. He started that he bought the Keurig B155 Brewer in hopes that the higher cost would give him higher quality, but that this was a mistake on his part. He said that he is saddened that the Keurig coffee machine systems don’t really last long.  He would not recommend this to a friend.

Another user said that he is also on the second version of this model. The Keurig B155 Brewer is being used by his office staff and that it has now completely died. He said that every time he bought this single serve coffee maker, they broke down after ten months of use. He would not recommend this product for anyone who is going to be making more than two or three cups of coffee a day.

Another purchaser gave a negative review. He said that he had three other Keurig coffee machine systems and was very satisfied with them. The Keurig B155 Brewer, however, was a great disappointment to him. The water reservoir kept reading empty if more than thirty-two ounces of water was added, although it is supposed to be a ninety ounce reservoir. You also have to keep reinstalling and removing the reservoir in order to get an accurate reading on the water levels. It seems that the readings will say empty, even if it is not empty, preventing it from brewing properly. He was upset, because this machine cost more than all the others and does not work well at all.

Keurig B155 Brewing System Conclusion:

It seems that the Keurig B155 Brewing System has some mixed reviews. There are those that absolutely love this Keurig coffee machine and have even bought more than one item. Then, there are those that absolutely hate it and would never recommend it to any friends.  Many complaints are about noise and vibration, which could probably be caused by the K cup holder not being set properly. It still seems like the Keurig B155 Brewer is a worthwhile product to try out, because the positive reviews do acknowledge some of the problems in the negative reviews, but the users have found ways to remedy the problems.


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