K Cups Coffee

How Do K Cups Work?

K Cups coffee is a convenient way to brew a single cup at a time.  It is a small cup that contains a filter and enough grounds for a single serving of brewed coffee.  The cup is placed in a Keurig or other compatible coffee brewer, where the foil top is punctured as well as the bottom of the cup.  Piping hot water is fed into the K Cup through a nozzle, flows through the grounds, is filtered and in under a minute you will have a fresh brewed coffee.  Perfect for on the go mornings.

What Coffees Can I Find in K Cups?

A variety of coffees come in K Cups, such as, Caribou Coffee, Coffee People – Donut Shop Coffee, Folgers, Gloria Jeans, Millstone, Green Mountain Coffee, Timothy’s World Coffee, and recently Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have been added to the list.  This offers a great variety for coffee lovers to have their favorite cup of joe brewed quickly, and eliminating the waste of making a whole pot that you don’t have time to stick around and enjoy.

For k cups best prices you can put to use your shopping skills and get some great deals online, as well as, find cheap k cups in your local stores.  If you find a coffee that you really like you have even more leverage because you can buy it in bulk and save on price, and if shopping online you can meet the free shipping threshold offered by many retailers.

Can I Use My Own Grounds?

If your favorite coffee is not offered in a K Cup, have no fear.  There are products out there, for example My-K Cup made by Keurig, and the Solofill, both of which provide you with a way to use your own grounds.  This and similar reusable K Cups includes a small filter, filter holder and lid.  You simply add the grounds of your choice and brew!

Can I Reuse a K Cup?

There are also caps and lids that will allow you to reuse K Cups.  This would allow you to use your own grounds just like My-K Cup.  These reusable methods benefit the consumer in two ways:

1. You get to use the ground of your choice if your preferred coffee is not available in K Cups

2. You have a reusable product, allowing you to put less waste in the landfills.

Free Shipping!

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    April 27, 2011 - 9:16 pm | Permalink

    I was skeptical as well, thinking that it would be hard to beat the Newman’s Own extra bold for flavor. However, the other reviews were correct (IMO.) Delicious flavor, with a very smooth boldness that is hard to beat. Watch out Starbucks! I may never partake of your overpriced brew again!!!!

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    May 17, 2011 - 12:37 am | Permalink

    This coffee is exactly what you would get at a coffee shop. Sweet and aromatic, not bitter or too bold. I like the pack of 50 and it comes in one box, so there is no waste of packaging or more trash to throw away. If they only made a box of with 100… We love the K-Cups and get great consistent coffee every day without wasting half a pot. My favs are Timothy’s German Chocolate (desert coffee!), Donut Shop (mid Morning) and Emeril’s Big Bold Easy (first thing in the morning!).

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