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Reusable K Cup – The eKobrew

The eKobrew reusable k cup filter is a new product in the k cup accessories market that allows for using your own coffee, and significantly reduces waste.  Made by Eko Brands, this product was born from the conviction that the convenience and quality of single cup brewing does not have to involve throwing little non-biodegradable plastic cups into the landfill for each cup of coffee brewed.  For coffee drinkers that are environmentally conscious, this filter provides a means by which they can enjoy single-cup brewing without the guilt of having a negative ecological impact.

What is eKobrew and How Does it Work?

Ekobrew is a one-piece refillable k cup filter made of 100% BPA free plastic, and a high quality micro-mesh screen filter.   The lid is attached with a durable hinge, and contains a heat resistant silicone seal, both of which indicate this filter was engineered for longevity.  Being that the coffee will be filtered by the mesh screen rather than a paper filter, the coffee brewed through it will taste more like that from a French press rather than from a standard drip coffee maker.

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Manufacturer Tips

  • Your perfect cup of coffee is unique to your personal taste, so experiment with your grind level but keep in mind:

o   Courser grounds let the water pass through faster, meaning less extraction from the coffee, meaning the coffee will taste weak.

o   The finer the grind the slower the water flow through the grounds, however you can get it too fine and either cause a blockage and water will back up into your brewer or the grinds come through the mesh and into your cup.

  • Have fun with experimenting with grind level, amount of coffee relative to water, etc.  You can become your own coffee expert and become able to produce your best flavor every time you brew.


This item is new to the market, and yet has over 200 reviews on Amazon.com.  With a 4.5 star rating, most consumers love this product, and find it easy to use with very little mess.  The freedom that it gives Keurig users to use their own coffee is a top pro given in reviews.  Another interesting thing to point out is that many complement the design, and say that the flat bottom makes it easier to fill and clean out.  I have not used this product, as I have a Solofill, but the Solofill does not have a flat bottom.  It has a protruding section that is intended to better water distribution and flow, but it does make it more difficult to get all of the grounds out.  I am curious to try to flat-bottomed eKobrew and compare the flavor of coffee I get and ease of use.  Coming soon: a test of eKobrew vs Solofill and my personal review.

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