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Keurig brewer users have one more item on the market that allows them to use their own coffee, the DisposaKup.  DisposaKup was created in order to satisfy two needs for k cup users: the freedom to use any coffee they would like and to have a mess free clean-up.  There are other products on the market that allow k cup users to use their own coffee, but most require some work and can get messy.  DisposaKup is along the same lines as a paper plate; it serves its purpose and can be tossed.  It’s as simple as that.

In the following sections you will find a product description, tips and hints on product use, as well as, product review highlights that will give the most common likes and dislikes of the DisposaKup.

What Exactly is a DisposaKup?

DisposaKups are made of plastic and each unit consists of a cup, paper filter and lid.  To use you simply insert a paper filter into the cup, spoon your coffee of choice into the cup, and snap on the lid.  Presto!  After about 10 seconds of work, you now have a k cup that is loaded up and ready to brew.  When brewing is done, simply remove the DisposaKup and toss it into the garbage.

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Any Helpful Tips on Using a DisposaKup?

  • Be sure to remove the cup after you brew.  Some folks say that if you leave it in overnight that it becomes difficult to get it out.
  • Be sure to snap the lid on tight or you will get a mess.
  • Also, be sure that the paper filter is folded over the top edge of the cup when you snap on the lid.  (As shown in the above video).  If you don’t get this right, the filter can fold down into the cup and you will have coffee grounds in your coffee.

Most Helpful Review Pros:

  • The easy clean-up.  It is just as easy as using a k cup, only you got to use your own grounds.
  • The ability to put in the amount of coffee that you prefer, allowing you the freedom to tweak your coffee to the strength that you like best.
  • You can even use the lids to reuse a spent k cup, but a helpful tip when doing this is to line up the hole already in the bottom of the k cup from its first use so that it will be where the cup is punctured again.  This keeps the k cup from having two holes in the bottom and helps prevent leaking.
  • Many love the cost savings of being able to use their own coffee, and stated that even though they had to purchase this product and pay shipping charges it still reduced the expense of their coffee per cup.

Most Helpful Review Gripes:

  • Some had issues with water leaking, but did state that they had tried to use the lids more than once.
  • Some that tried this liked the idea of being able to use their own coffee, but when it came down to throwing away the plastic cups each they preferred a more environmental option.

Is DisposaKup Right For Me?

Currently, you can get a package of 50 DisposaKups on Amazon.com for approximately $17.98 including shipping which comes out to around 35 cents per cup.  You can also find them for sale on DisposaKups.com where a package of 50 sells for approximately $16.94 which comes out to around 33 cents per cup.  You will need to do some math to figure out how much each DisposaKup filled with the coffee of your choice is going to cost you.  For an example of figuring this out see the article Cheap K Cups: Reusable My K-Cup and scroll down to the section ‘How Much Money am I Saving By Using the My K Cup?’ which describes in detail an example of figuring out the cost per cup from a bag of coffee.  Once you have done the math, you can compare the cost with a pre-filled off the shelf k cup, and determine if the cost is less or in fact more expensive.  If it is more expensive, you will have to decide if using your own coffee is worth the extra cost.


The DisposaKup is one product among many on the market today that seeks to allow k cup users to use their own coffee.  The way it differs from the others is that it is meant to be disposed of, just like a k cup.  It is designed for those who like the convenience and easy clean-up using a Keurig k cup brewer.  Some may see this as an answer to their prayers, and others may be uncomfortable with the environmental waste factor involved with throwing away plastic every time you brew.  That choice will be a personal preference and totally up to you.  The DisposaKup disposable k cup receives rave reviews from those who have tried it and is worth a try if you are not looking for the most ecological solution out there.


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