Discount K Cups: Where Are They?

Discount K Cups

If you are searching for discount k cups, you are probably looking to get a price preferably below retail.  You can get a ‘discount’ from retail pricing in a few ways.  Wholesale membership clubs offer pretty good discount k cup prices, but you will have to buy in bulk.  Some websites will offer discount k cup pricing if you sign up for scheduled deliveries, some will offer lower prices if you order a certain quantity, and some offer free shipping when you hit a certain quantity or if your total purchase reaches their free shipping threshold.

Shop Around and Take Notes!

It pays to shop around for discount k cups, but be sure to pay attention to which way you will receive your discount and make sure it makes sense for you and truly is the best deal you can find.  It actually helps to jot it down or if you are researching online you can use Notepad or Excel to keep track.  Think about it, you can get kind of lost with comparing different deals when the discounts come in different forms.  It makes it easy if you put together the entire order, including any applicable shipping or taxes and then divide out the number of k cups you will get for that price.  Assign that price to that specific retailer, and keep shopping around until you find the deal that fits you best.  The best price may come from ordering 12 cases of k cups, but you may not want that many k cups!

Helpful Articles That Point to How and Where to Purchase Discount K Cups

I have put in a ton of research into where to find discount k cups, and what purchase or membership requirements may be necessary to get the deals.    The following articles will guide you on what kinds of deals are out there and details about how to get them.

K Cups Best Prices Online – find out what discount k cup prices are like online and get the gist of what is necessary to receive those discounts.

Discount K Cups in Local Stores – learn how to use coupons, local sales, and membership clubs to get great discount k cup pricing in your local stores.

Other Methods of Getting Cheaper K Cups

Rather than just search for discount k cups, some other methods of getting your single serve coffee cheaper involve using accessories that allow you to use your own coffee, or reuse k cups.  The following articles detail the most popular accessories and explain how they can greatly reduce the expense of getting your coffee by the cup.

Discount K Cups: Solofill Refillable K Cup Filtera refillable k cup filter made of plastic and mesh that uses your own grounds and fits in place of a k cup.

Discount K Cups: Reusable My K-Cupa reusable k cup filter, much like Solofill, that allows you to use your own coffee and forego the expense of using a new k cup each time you brew.

Reusable K Cup – My-Kapa plastic cap made especially to fit a spent cleaned out k cup, so that you can reuse the plastic cup and filter multiple times.

Reusable K Cups – EZ Cup a refillable filter for k cup compatible brewers made of plastic and paper filters, allowing you to grind and use the coffee of your choice.

Cheaper K Cups – Pod Holstermade of plastic, this ‘holster’ allows k cup users to use pods in their k cup coffee makers, providing the freedom to use the coffee of your choice, even if you choose pods to avoid a mess.

Disposable K Cups – DisposaKupmuch like the same concept of paper plates, these plastic cups and paper filters allow you to use your own coffee and throw the whole cup out, however, if you wanted to reuse them to reduce expenses, you could do that just like using My-Kap or K Savers. 

Ekobrew – Reusable K Cup FiltereKobrew is a refillable filter, similar to My K-Cup and Solofill, made of BPA free plastic and high quality metal mesh allowing you to use your own coffee and reduce the cost of single cup brewing.

Reuse K Cups – K-Savers Lidsa lid that allows you to reuse a spent cleaned out k cup, like My-Kap, only rather than be made of plastic it is made of stainless steel.

Whether you desire to use new k cups each time, or if you are up for using accessories to reduce the cost of k cup brewing, this site is full of great info that will guide you all around the Keurig brewing system, and you can learn all kinds in details about how to find discount k cups.

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