Coffee People – Donut Shop K Cups

Coffee People Donut Shop K CupsCoffee People – The Original Donut Shop Coffee

Brief Intro to the Coffee People Brand

Coffee People – Donut Shop is a coffee offered by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.  Coffee People origins are found in the Pacific Northwest starting as a chain of coffee shops.  Through the years they were acquired by larger coffee giant Diedrich, who was itself acquired by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in 2009.  Great news for coffee lovers, especially those who are enjoying the single cup coffee revolution because the latter acquisition made Coffee People coffees not only available in k cups, but being under the Green Mountain umbrella means that their coffees are now part of the Green Mountain Coffee Club, which provides discounts to members.

How Does It Measure Up as a K Cup?

For my review, keep in mind that I like a medium roast coffee with a bold flavor.  I don’t like coffee too bitter, but I really don’t like it weak and watered down either.  I like my coffee with cream and a little sugar.  Not too sweet, but enough to somewhat neutralize any bitterness, usually a half of a teaspoon of sweetener will do.  If the coffee is really good, then just a little creamer will do and no sugar at all.

Coffee People – Donut Shop is the cat’s meow for me.  I almost did a back flip when I tasted this coffee.  I had seen in reviews that people complained of weak or watered down coffee form their Keurig brewers and I was worried about that.  I was thinking that maybe the water would pass through the grounds too fast to steep properly, and no coffee would be able to taste full-bodied.  Well, I am happy to say I was wrong about that.

Coffee People – Donut Shop is smooth and full-bodied.  Just a little hint of sweet, but bold as well.  The aroma is magnificent.  There is nothing weak about this coffee.  I can brew it using the 8 ounce or 10 ounce cup size and both taste great.  I drink this coffee with a little cream and very little or no sugar.  I love it.  This coffee is my daily coffee of choice.

K Cups Rating - 5 Cups -  I give it 5 out of 5 cups because I can’t imagine it being any better.

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