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The Perfect Pod Holster was invented as a means to allow the use of coffee pods in Keurig brewers and other k cup compatible coffee makers.  This product was designed to give k cup users the freedom to use pods that they like, or even make pods with their own coffee, rather than only having the option of the coffee provided in k cups.  Using a pod also allows consumers to cut down the cost of single serving coffee while also reducing the plastic waste created by throwing away a used k cup each time they brew.


What Exactly is the Perfect Pod Holster?

The Pod Holster is a durable plastic cup that is the same size as a k cup.  It contains a lid and a self-tamping spring.  To use it, you simply squeeze a pod (55mm and larger) and stuff it into the holster.  Close the lid making sure the pod is pressed flat against the lid.  Insert the Pod Holster into the k cup brewer and close the lid.  The pod will be punctured and hot water will flow into the pod and brewing begins.

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Any Helpful Tips on Using One?

Make sure that you have the pod pushed up against the lid so that it will puncture properly when the brewer lid is closed.  You want water flowing straight into the pod.  If it is sagging, then the puncture isn’t effective and grounds will come out.  If you don’t do this properly, you risk a lot of grounds getting into your cup of coffee.

Use the recommended size pods of 55mm and larger!  If you use smaller pods, don’t be surprised that your coffee is weaker than you thought it would be.

Works great with tea bags as well.  Just remember to pack the bag in so that it is snug against the closed lid.  You can push up on the spring and taming pad if you need to.

Most Helpful Perfect Pod Holster Review Pros:

Most customers loved the fact that this product opens up the beverage availability even more.  The Keurig k cups already have a great variety of coffee, tea and other beverages, and there are products out there that allow you to use your own coffee, and now this product allows you to even use pods!

Pod clean up is much cleaner and easier than a reusable filter or My Kap.

Many Pod Holster users noted they enjoyed the cost savings due to pods being much cheaper than k cups.

There is also a product available called the Perfect Pod Maker that allows you to use your own grounds and make a sealed pod.  This pod can be used in the Pod Holster, allowing you even more beverage choices and less expense.

Most Helpful Perfect Pod Holster Review Gripes:

Few complained of weak coffee, but this should not be an issue if you follow the recommendation of using 55mm pods and larger.

Some folks felt that even though pods are cheaper than k cups, they are not as much of a savings as they would like.  These customers opted for a reusable filter over the Holster.

Is the Perfect Pod Holster Right for Me?

It really all boils down to what you want, how much you want to spend, and what you are willing to do to achieve that.  If you are in it for the cost savings, and you really like the idea of the easy clean-up of using pods, then the Pod Holster along with a Pod Maker may be right up your alley.  The pod maker allows you to use your own coffee grounds and make your own pods.  You get clean, inexpensive single-cup brewing.

However, if that all sounds like too much work for you, and you don’t mind the expense of pods, then the pod holster is still a great option.  It will expand your beverage choices, your single-cup coffee will be less expensive than using new k cups each time, and you don’t have a big mess to clean up or a lot of prep work to do.

If you are looking at expense as your biggest motivator, then you might just go with a reusable filter or k cup caps.

How Much Money Am I Saving By Using the Perfect Pod Holster?

Your amount of savings will depend on a few things.  One, do you plan on using pods off the shelf or do you plan to make your own?  In the first case, you simply take your coffee of choice for both pods and k cups and compare price per serving.  For the latter, you would have to calculate how many pods you can make with a bag of your favorite coffee and how much that bag costs you to get your per serving cost.  I can tell you, if you make your own it will be cheaper, but it is up to you if you want to get that involved in prep to save money.

In conclusion, you now have an idea about what the Perfect Pod Holster is and what it can do.  You just have to assess whether or not it suites your brewing needs.  It can make your single-cups of coffee less expensive, but by how much depends on you and what you are willing to do.  Pod Holster expands your options for beverages, and that is always a good thing.


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