Cheap K Cups: Reusable My K-Cup

My K-Cup is a reusable single serve coffee filter that fits most Keurig brewers and other k cup compatible coffee makers.  This product is made by Keurig to give customers the option of using their own gourmet coffee grounds.  Being that you can use any coffee you would like you can really cut back on the expense of single serve coffee, not to mention have a greater variety of coffees to choose from.  Utilizing this refillable filter rather than using k cups every time gives the environmentally conscious coffee drinkers a way to enjoy single serve brewing without worrying about throwing plastic into a landfill each time they make a cup of coffee.

In the following sections you will find a product description, tips and hints on product use, and helpful review highlights from customers who have used the My K-Cup.

What Exactly is My K-Cup?

My K Cup is a lot like the Solofill refillable single serve coffee filter.  My K Cup is made of three pieces: a metal mesh filter, a plastic filter holder, and a plastic lid.  The coffee maker’s k-cup holder has to be removed and the My K-Cup filter holder pops in its place.  Due to the mesh filter, the coffee will have a mouth feel much like that brewed with a French Press.

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Any Helpful Tips on Using One?

  • Don’t put more than 2 tablespoons of coffee in the filter or you will get overflow, meaning a mess.
  • Make sure to clean out the filter between brews or you will get a little sludge in the second cup.
  • If you know you will often brew two cups at the same time, it might benefit you to buy extra mesh filters so you can slide the next one right in without waiting to clean the first.  Up to you, but it is a convenience.
  • Don’t over pack the grounds.  The water won’t get a good flow through the coffee and you won’t get optimal steeping.
  • You will need to tweak the level of grind based on the strength of the coffee you are using and how you like your coffee.  Don’t go too fine or the mesh filter can clog.

Most Helpful My K-Cup Review Pros:

  • Having to clean it after each use may sound like a chore, but it only requires a 30 second rinsing and it is ready to brew another cup.  It is dishwasher safe when it needs a good cleaning, but be careful of extremely hot water as it is made of plastic and that kind of exposure may lead to a shorter life.
  • The simple design and not having a hinged or connected cap leaves little to worry about breaking or wearing out.
  • Though it takes some trial and error and tweaks on amount of coffee and the level of grind, you can get great French Press quality coffee out of your single serve brewer with this filter.  Once you get those things figured out, just repeat it and you get a great fresh tasting cup of coffee every time.

Most Helpful My K Cup Review Gripes:

  • Many customers say that they have a water spurting or leaking problem with the My K-Cup.  Some folks say that once they got the amount of coffee and the grind level worked out that the splashing or spurting stopped.  Others say that the spurts continue but they are not bad enough to discontinue use and they just wipe it up when they are done.
  • Some customers experience a weak cup of coffee, but many say they remedy this with trial and error with regards to the amount of coffee used and the grind level.
  • Some customers do not like having to remove the k cup holder before inserting the My K Cup.  It is not difficult, just an inconvenience.

Is the My K Cup Refillable Single Serve Filter Right for Me?

First, determine if your brewer is compatible with the My K Cup.  At the time this article was written, the following brewers were compatible:

Keurig:  B31 Mini, B40 Elite, B50 Ultra, and B60 Special Edition, B70

The following brewers were NOT compatible:

Keurig:  Any commercial or office brewers, B100, B100P, or B2000/3

If you find that your brewer is compatible, then you need to consider your requirements for coffee taste.  Do you enjoy coffee brewed with a French Press, or are you used to coffee from a drip machine with a paper filter?  Research the reusable k cup products out there to see all of your options.  There are other options for mesh filters, such as Solofill, as well as, refillable k cups that use paper filters, such as EZ Cup.  So, whatever your tastes are there is a product out there for you.

How Much Money Am I Saving By Using the My K Cup?

How much you can save will depend on the cost of the coffee you use, as well as, how strong you like your brew.  The following example will use a specific coffee just to show the cost breakdown.  To calculate your own savings, just substitute your own coffee and how much it costs you to get your per cup cost.

Dunkin Donuts ‘Dunkin Dark’ - 1lb bag of whole beans = $8.80 including sales tax

Depending on how strong you make your coffee, this bag will yield 30 to 45 cups (6oz.).  The chart below will demonstrate your cost per cup for the various yields.

Cost Per CupCups Flavor
$              0.2930Strong
$              0.2535Medium-Strong
$              0.2240Mild-Medium
$              0.2045Mild


Here we see that our strong brew costs us 29 cents per cup and our mild costs 20 cents.  Much cheaper than using k cups, and it may even be cheaper than the standard drip coffee maker.  Think about it this way:  do you drink every drop that you brew from your standard brewer?  Most people end up pouring some coffee down the drain when they make a pot of coffee.  What this does is make the coffee you actually drink more expensive.  You get fewer yields per bag that you actually drink because some coffee that gets thrown out.  With the single serve brewer, you only make what you will drink, so you consume all of the coffee from your bag, and all of it was freshly brewed at that.  Do the math; you may be surprised at how much you really are spending on standard brewed cups of coffee.

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