Cheap K Cups – Medelco Reusable Filter

Medelco K Cup Filter – Makes Single Cup Coffee Cheaper

Medelco Inc. has been in business since 1976 serving the coffee drinking market by providing universal accessories for kitchen products.  Their brand, One All, seeks to provide consumers with high quality affordable solutions to either replace part of an appliance such as a carafe, or to improve the performance such as a permanent coffee filter.  With a history like this, they were primed for creating a reusable filter for
k cups users.  Their reusable filter is much like My K-Cup, and allows the k cup user to use their own coffee reducing the amount of plastic waste thrown away with each brew, as well as, the cost of single-cup brewing.  Those looking for the best prices on k cups might find these types of products helpful in their efforts to significantly reduce the expense of single-cup brewing.

What Exactly Is the Medelco Reusable Filter?

The Medelco reusable filter consists of three parts: a plastic filter holder, a surgical-grade stainless steel mesh filter, and a plastic cap.  Environmentally friendly, this filter is very similar to the Solofill, in that the mesh basket will brew coffee to taste much like that from a French press.  It was designed to fit all k cup compatible brewers, and with a retail price of $8.99 it is a cheaper alternative to the My K-Cup.


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Any Helpful Tips on Using the Medelco?

  • Make sure your grounds are fairly course; otherwise smaller grounds will make it through the mesh basket and into your coffee.

Most Helpful Medelco Pros

  • The ease of use and ability to use the coffee of your choice were the most mentioned pros for this product.
  • The filters are a little larger than the My K-Cup filter, so you can pack more coffee in there if you like your coffee strong or if you are using a brewer that is capable of larger brew sizes.

Most Helpful Medelco Gripes

  • Many consumers complained about this filter not lasting very long.  Parts quickly wear out and it begins leaking.
  • Leaking from the beginning due to a poor seal from the rubber washer.

Is the Medelco Reusable Filter Right For Me?

Medelco has built a reputation for quality products, however there are mixed reviews on this product.  Though it is cheaper than the other reusable filters on the market, it will be up to you to decide if you want to give Medelco a shot or look into other products with better reviews, like the Solofill.

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