Cheap K Cups In Local Stores

Where Can I Find Cheap K Cups In Local Stores Rather Than Online?

Cheap k cups in local stores can be found without having to deal with a potential added shipping cost like you would have with many online purchases. Although, as you read in the article on our home page, K Cups Best Price, there are many ways to get free shipping on k cups online.  If you prefer to do your shopping locally, then the price per k cup will include the price the store is charging plus sales tax.


Cheap K Cups in Local Stores – Wholesale Discount Clubs

If you are a member of a wholesale club, such as BJ’s, Sam’s, or Costco, you can find some great deals there.  The following wholesale k cup prices start with the cheapest and do not include sales tax as that will vary by state:

Sam’s Club – 42 cents per cup

Sam’s Club is a membership warehouse style retail chain that offers discounted pricing on products in bulk.  Sam’s has a decent selection of coffees such as Caribou, Newman’s, Green Mountain, Folger’s, and Nell’s.  Their coffees come in 80 ct. boxes and sell for $33.88.  Your local store may have a greater variety or a more limited one, but for this price it is well worth checking .  Right now, you will be lucky to find cheaper k cups.

BJ’s – 50 and 53 cents per cup – depending on the box count

BJ’s is a wholesale club that can be found in 15 states that offers it’s members discounted pricing on quality goods.  They offer a great selection of k cups coffees and teas such as Van Houtte, Celestial Seasonings, Bigelow, Diedrich, Timothy’s, Gloria Jean’s, Tully’s and the list goes on.  Their k cups come in 80 ct. boxes that sell for $39.99 giving you a per cup cost of 50 cents, and 160 ct. boxes that sell for $84.99 making each cup 53 cents.  Great deals for such a wide selection.

Costco – 53 cents per cup

Costco is also a membership-based wholesale club.  They are spread all over the United States and can also be found in Canada, Mexico and other countries.  Costco has a good selection of k cup beverages.  They offer brands like Coffee People, Green Mountain, Caribou, Tully’s, Celestial Seasonings and more.  Boxes are 160 ct. and sell for $84.99 bringing your before tax k cup price to 53 cents.  Not a bad deal at all considering there should be a Costco in your neck of the woods, and the selection is good.

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Cheap K Cups in Local Stores – Home Goods Stores

Other local deals can be found by using a few coupon and discount tactics.  See details below for each store:

Kohl’s – 51 cents per cup

Kohl’s often has sales going on.  Sometimes you will get a sales paper saying ’25% off of everything!’  Sometimes they offer 30% off for their charge card holders.  They offer a pretty good selection including, Emeril’s, Timothy’s, Caribou, Gloria Jean’s and Green Mountain.  They sell k cups in boxes of 18 for $14.99, but you can often find them on sale for $12.99.  When on sale, if you have a Kohl’s charge card and they are offering 30% off when you use your charge card, you can get the 18 ct. box for $9.09 making your per cup cost 51 cents.  This takes some shopping skills!  You will be looking for sales, and applying discounts offered to charge card holders, but if you are willing to price shop and you have a Kohl’s charge card, why not get this deal?  If nothing else, use this method to test brands and flavors in smaller box ct. quantities and when you find ones you like, order in larger quantities at wholesale clubs or online.

Bed Bath & Beyond – 53 cents per cup

Bed Bath & Beyond, also known as B3, carries k cups in 18 ct. boxes.  If you have a B3 near you, then you have probably received their famous 20% off discount coupons in the mail or in your Sunday paper.  Their retail price for the 18 ct. box is $11.99, but when you apply the 20% off discount, you will get it for $9.59 making your cost per k cup 53 cents.  Unlike the Kohl’s deal, you don’t need a store charge card, just a discount coupon.  The in store selection may be limited but it is worth looking.  This is also good method to get cheap k cups in a small quantity to try out, and then order your favorites in larger quantities.


Finding the best deals on k cups may take some shopping around, but this site offers some great information for helping you get your favorite k cups at the cheapest all around price.  We will constantly update with new findings and encourage readers to comment and give each other tips as well.  So send in any great hometown brick and mortar finds, and help your fellow shoppers find cheap k cups in local stores.

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