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Green Mountain Coffee – Nantucket Blend K Cups

Brief Intro to the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Brand

If you are using k cups, then you can thank Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.  Green Mountain’s beginnings go back to Vermont in 1981 when a small café roasting and serving up specialty coffees started to get requests from local hospitality businesses for their coffees.  Demand grew and so did Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.  By 2006 they had acquired Keurig which laid the foundation for a robust single cup coffee product line which would have GMCR sell over 1 billion k cups in 2008.  Acquisitions and partnerships over the years have brought many popular coffee brands such as Tully’s, Caribou, Starbuck’s, Newman’s Own, Timothy’s and many more under the GMCR umbrella.

How Does Green Mountain Coffee – Nantucket Blend Measure Up as a K Cup?

Stacy says:

Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend k cups are a perfect fit for those that love a medium roast with a smooth flavor.  Enough flavor to prevent it from being weak, but not so strong that it tastes bitter or too acidic.  You can taste the coffee, it doesn’t get lost in milk or creamer.  Well, depending on how much you use, of course. But, if you don’t like a little coffee with your creamer, this k cup delivers a full-bodied flavorful coffee.  I brew using the 8 ounce brew size and it is not watered down at all.  It emits a nice aroma as well.  This one is also in my line-up for back-ups for Coffee People Donut Shop k cups.  I keep my eye out for sales and snatch it up when I find good Nantucket Blend k cup prices!

K Cup Rating 4.5 cups Overall, I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

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Caribou Coffee – Caribou Blend K Cups

Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend K CupCaribou Coffee – Caribou Blend K Cups Review

Brief Intro to the Brand

Caribou Coffee has been around since 1992 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.  The company has over 550 coffeehouses across the United States.  They are 8  varieties of Caribou Coffee k cups.  Caribou is actively supporting social responsibility and sustainability initiatives.  Currently, over 85% of their coffees are Rainforest Alliance certified, and their goal is to have 100% of their coffees certified by the end of 2011.  This is quite an undertaking for such a large major coffeehouse retailer.

How Does Caribou Blend Measure Up as a K Cup?

Stacy says:

As mentioned in other coffee reviews, I like a medium roast coffee with a smooth flavor.  I don’t like it too bitter, but I do like flavor and a full-bodied mouth feel.  There is nothing worse that watery coffee, and that is the fear of many about how coffee brewed with k cups will taste.

You will be happy to know that Caribou Blend is a great full-bodied coffee from a k cup.  It is smooth and delicious and produces a wonderful aroma.  The flavor is strong without being bitter, and is leaves a somewhat nutty or bittersweet aftertaste, which I found pleasing.  I found this k cup strong enough to brew both 8 and 10 ounces without getting a watered down effect.

Overall, this is my second favorite k cup coffee at the moment, with Coffee People – Donut Shop being my favorite.  The great thing about having the runner up be so good is that when I find sales on either I can buy and be just as content knowing I will have a great daily coffee.

4.5 K Cup Review Rating -  I give Caribou Coffee – Caribou Blend k cups a 4.5 out of 5 cups.

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Cafe Escapes- Cafe Mocha K Cups

Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha K CupsCafé Escapes – Café Mocha K Cups Review

Brief Intro to the Café Escapes Brand

Café Escapes is part of the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters k cup beverage line-up.

How Does It Measure Up as a K Cup?

More like a hot chocolate.  Weak on coffee flavor.  For those who enjoy a hot chocolate with a hint of coffee, you will like it.  For those that love a great mocha, you will be disappointed.

Stacy says:

I go to this one when I am in the mood for a hot chocolate and it satisfies.  It is sweet without being syrupy, and I even add a little creamer for some thickness and body and to cut a little of the sweetness, but that is just a personal preference.   I will continue my search for a truer mocha, with more of an espresso taste with a rich but not too sweet chocolate flavor.  Also, my Keurig B40 Elite has 8 and 10 ounce beverage choices.  I chose the 8 ounce for making the Café Mocha k cups thinking I would get a thicker richer beverage, but I still found it a little watered down.  I am thinking that if I had the option for a 6 ounce brew size, that I would choose that and add a little creamer for a rich creamy treat.  Again, if you are looking for more of a mocha like you would get from Starbucks or a local café, this is not going to do it for you.

K Cups Ratings - 3.5 Cups -  Overall, I give it a 3.5 out of 5.

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Coffee People – Donut Shop K Cups

Coffee People Donut Shop K CupsCoffee People – The Original Donut Shop Coffee

Brief Intro to the Coffee People Brand

Coffee People – Donut Shop is a coffee offered by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.  Coffee People origins are found in the Pacific Northwest starting as a chain of coffee shops.  Through the years they were acquired by larger coffee giant Diedrich, who was itself acquired by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in 2009.  Great news for coffee lovers, especially those who are enjoying the single cup coffee revolution because the latter acquisition made Coffee People coffees not only available in k cups, but being under the Green Mountain umbrella means that their coffees are now part of the Green Mountain Coffee Club, which provides discounts to members.

How Does It Measure Up as a K Cup?

For my review, keep in mind that I like a medium roast coffee with a bold flavor.  I don’t like coffee too bitter, but I really don’t like it weak and watered down either.  I like my coffee with cream and a little sugar.  Not too sweet, but enough to somewhat neutralize any bitterness, usually a half of a teaspoon of sweetener will do.  If the coffee is really good, then just a little creamer will do and no sugar at all.

Coffee People – Donut Shop is the cat’s meow for me.  I almost did a back flip when I tasted this coffee.  I had seen in reviews that people complained of weak or watered down coffee form their Keurig brewers and I was worried about that.  I was thinking that maybe the water would pass through the grounds too fast to steep properly, and no coffee would be able to taste full-bodied.  Well, I am happy to say I was wrong about that.

Coffee People – Donut Shop is smooth and full-bodied.  Just a little hint of sweet, but bold as well.  The aroma is magnificent.  There is nothing weak about this coffee.  I can brew it using the 8 ounce or 10 ounce cup size and both taste great.  I drink this coffee with a little cream and very little or no sugar.  I love it.  This coffee is my daily coffee of choice.

K Cups Rating - 5 Cups -  I give it 5 out of 5 cups because I can’t imagine it being any better.

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K Cups Beverage Reviews

K Cups Beverage Reviews – Ratings By K Cups Best Price Staff and Guest Bloggers

This is my personal spin on coffees, teas, hot chocolates and other specialty k cups that I have tried so far.  Since there are so many, you could spend a lot of time trying out different drinks, which I have done, and that can be fun.  However, if you have just bought a Keurig or other k cup compatible brewer and you want to find your everyday coffee, you can look here for some guidance.  Once you establish a coffee

that you love, you can have fun trying out others.  I think some folks give up too easy and try one or two k cup coffees and deem it too weak, or whatever is not fitting for their personal taste buds.  So, save yourself some frustration and start here with some personal guidance.  I have tried tons of k cups beverages and will do my best to convey my experiences with flavor, which brew size setting is best, as well as, where I got the best prices on each k cup that I review.

Before I get started on k cup beverage reviews, I want to say that when I got my Keurig B40 Elite, it came with a variety pack of 12 different k cups.  If you have not already bought your k cup coffee maker, then it is a great idea to look for one that does come with the variety pack to get you started.  If you already have a k cup brewer, but would like to find where you can get a variety pack for a decent price then you can look to a couple of places.

Great Places to Find K Cup Variety Packs has what they call a ‘Purr-fect Pack’ where you can build your own variety pack of 25 k cups.  You get to build it as you browse their k cup selection, and you can select ‘Add to Purr-fect Pack’ and you add 5 k cups of that particular brand to your variety pack.  Once you have added 5 varieties, you now have your own custom k cup variety pack.  I enjoyed this, because a lot of variety packs that you get elsewhere only give you one k cup for each brand or flavor, so if you want to try it with more or less water for weaker or stronger flavor, you would have to buy more.  With this variety pack, you can try different water or temperature settings, depending on your brewer capabilities, up to 5 times.  My order was $16.95 plus $9.50 shipping and handling which comes to around $1.05 per k cup.

Yikes!  I know that is what you are thinking when you see the price per k cup, however, I have looked and I am not aware of another place where you can find a variety pack that gives you 5 of each k cup of your choosing.  Most other variety packs are premade and you won’t have the option of choosing which brands they contain.  If you are interested in getting a variety pack with one of each flavor or higher quantities like 10 or 12 is the place to go.  You won’t get to select your brands like you do with, but you can still get a great variety of the top brands.  The per k cup price on the variety packs from Amazon will vary between 80 cents and $1.32.  So you see, the variety packs are going to make you k cup prices more costly, but you are just testing out the waters so this will be more of an initial rather than continual expense.  Once you find your favorites, then jump to our home page for info on finding k cups best prices.

Now onto the k cup beverage reviews!

Below you will find my reviews on various brands and flavors of k cups.  I do not get any reimbursement for doing reviews, nor have I ever received free k cups in order to do a review.  These are just my opinions based on my taste and personal preferences, and I thought I would post them for my readers.  In fact, occasionally you will find guest reviews from family members, friends, and folks from the office whose tastes are different than mine and can lend a different perspective.

Coffee People – Donut Shop K CupsK Cups Reviews - 5 Cups 5 of 5 cups


Cafe Escapes – Cafe Mocha K CupsK Cups Rating - 3.5 cups 3.5 of 5 cups


Caribou Coffee – Caribou Blend K Cups4.5 K Cups Review Rating 4.5 of 5 cups


Newman’s Own Organics -Newman’s Special BlendK Cup Rating 4.5 cups 4.5 of 5 cups


Green Mountain Coffee – Nantucket Blend K Cups -K Cup Rating 4.5 cups 4.5 of 5 cups


Wolfgang Puck – Sorrento K CupsK Cups Reviews 3.5 3.5 out of 5 cups


Green Mountain Coffee – Half Caff K CupsGreen Mountina K Cup Review 4.5 out of 5 cups


Van Houtte – French Vanilla K CupsK Cups Review 3 Cups 3 out of 5 cups


Tully’s – Kona Blend Extra Bold K CupsK Cup Rating 4.5 cups 4.5 out of 5 cups


Gloria Jean’s – Hazelnut K CupsK Cups Reviews 3.5 3.5 out of 5 cups


Cafe Escapes – Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa K CupsK Cups Review 4 cups 4 out of 5 cups


Wolfgang Puck – Rodeo Dr. Blend K CupsK Cups Review 4 cups 4 out of 5 cups


Folger’s Gourmet – Black Silk K CupsK Cups Reviews 3.5 3.5 out of 5 cups


Starbucks – Blonde Veranda Blend K CupsK Cups Reviews - 5 Cups 5 of 5 cups


Celestial Seasonings – English Breakfast Black Tea K CupsCelestial Seasonings Breakfast Tea K Cup Review 4.5 of 5 cups


Celestial Seasonings – Sleepytime Herbal Tea K CupsCelestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea K Cup Review 4.5 of 5 cups

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Are Keurig K Cups Recyclable?

Are K Cups RecyclableEnvironmental Concern: Are Keurig K Cups Recyclable?

If you are asking the question “Are Keurig K cups Recyclable?”, then you are not alone in your quest to make sure that your desire for single cup coffee does not mean a harmful impact on the environment.  So far the answer is no.  The k cup contains multiple parts: a plastic cup, paper filter, ground coffee, and a foil lid.  Even if one were to go to the trouble of removing the paper filter, grounds, and foil lid, there is no identifier on the plastic cup to signify that it is, in fact, recyclable or would be accepted at a recycling facility.

The Need To Make Keurig K Cups Recyclable

Recently, a news story from reported that the environmental concern is becoming more and more troubling as the Keurig single cup coffee system continues to grow in sales.  With Starbucks k cups and Dunkin Donuts k cups being added to the k cup beverage line up, the spotlight shines a little brighter on this whole ‘k cup’ thing.  It looks as if the Keurig trend is growing strong, and as it does it increases the usage of k cups and in turn increases the amount of waste that will clog up landfills or be incinerated, which brings along its own consequences.  Environmentalists, such as, Cindy Luppi of Clean Water Action have noted concern over k cups being non-recyclable.  “That means they end up in the landfills and incinerators, and impact our health. The emissions end up in the air we breathe and the water we drink.”

Is It On Green Mountain’s Agenda to Make Keurig K Cups Recyclable?

Both websites for Keurig and its parent company Green Mountain Coffee Roasters acknowledge the environmental concern.  One of the questions on the Frequently Asked Questions page of the GMCR website is “Are your Keurig k cups recyclable?”  Green Mountain states that they are taking the concern seriously and finding a solution is a priority for them.

The Keurig website states:

As a company, we are committed to responsible business practices that are achievable, sustainable and inspiring. We would like to share what we at Keurig, Incorporated are achieving in cooperation with GMCR to brew a better world…for both gourmet coffee lovers and lovers of best practices in corporate responsibility.

Reducing the environmental impact of our packaging materials and brewing systems is a top priority for Keurig. It is a challenge to create a portion pack that is recyclable and delivers an extraordinary cup of coffee; however, Keurig is actively working to meet this challenge head on.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters website states:

Reducing the environmental impact of our coffee packaging materials and brewing systems, including the K-Cup® portion packs used in our Keurig® Single-Cup Brewing Systems, is a top priority for us and we are dedicated to finding a solution.

We’ve made progress on other areas of our packaging.  We helped bring the first hot to-go beverage cup and lid made with renewable materials to the marketplace.  And all the packaging film for our 10oz/12oz bags is now made with 19.4% PLA, a renewable biopolymer derived from natural cornstarches.

We are approaching the packaging challenge associated with portion packs with the same aggressive drive toward a solution.

Ways to Be Green Without Having to Make Keurig K Cups Recyclable

Take the focus off of making Keurig k cups recyclable and you will discover that there is a way around using a new k cup every time you brew.  Keurig and other k cup compatible brewers have accessories available on the market that allow for using coffee with a refillable mesh filter, using a plastic reusable cup with paper filters, or using lids made to fit a cleaned out spent k cup.    These gadgets allow you to get your single cup of coffee, with little or no waste other than coffee grounds, which you can compost.  Check out the following items, and click on the products for more details.

My K Cup – refillable metal mesh k cup filter

eKobrew -  refillable high quality micro mesh k cup filter

Solofill – refillable stainless steel mesh k cup filter

K Savers – lids made of stainless steel for reusing k cups

My-Kap – plastic lids for reusing k cups

Medelco Filter – refillable surgical grade stainless steel mesh k cup filter

These handy accessories do not make Keurig k cups recyclable; however it is a step in the right direction.


References: – “Coffee Machine Maker In Hot Water Over Plastic Cups

Keurig’s webpage on social responsibility

Green Mountain Coffee Roaster’s webpage on social responsibility

Clean Water Action




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Cheap K Cups In Local Stores

Where Can I Find Cheap K Cups In Local Stores Rather Than Online?

Cheap k cups in local stores can be found without having to deal with a potential added shipping cost like you would have with many online purchases. Although, as you read in the article on our home page, K Cups Best Price, there are many ways to get free shipping on k cups online.  If you prefer to do your shopping locally, then the price per k cup will include the price the store is charging plus sales tax.


Cheap K Cups in Local Stores – Wholesale Discount Clubs

If you are a member of a wholesale club, such as BJ’s, Sam’s, or Costco, you can find some great deals there.  The following wholesale k cup prices start with the cheapest and do not include sales tax as that will vary by state:

Sam’s Club – 42 cents per cup

Sam’s Club is a membership warehouse style retail chain that offers discounted pricing on products in bulk.  Sam’s has a decent selection of coffees such as Caribou, Newman’s, Green Mountain, Folger’s, and Nell’s.  Their coffees come in 80 ct. boxes and sell for $33.88.  Your local store may have a greater variety or a more limited one, but for this price it is well worth checking .  Right now, you will be lucky to find cheaper k cups.

BJ’s – 50 and 53 cents per cup – depending on the box count

BJ’s is a wholesale club that can be found in 15 states that offers it’s members discounted pricing on quality goods.  They offer a great selection of k cups coffees and teas such as Van Houtte, Celestial Seasonings, Bigelow, Diedrich, Timothy’s, Gloria Jean’s, Tully’s and the list goes on.  Their k cups come in 80 ct. boxes that sell for $39.99 giving you a per cup cost of 50 cents, and 160 ct. boxes that sell for $84.99 making each cup 53 cents.  Great deals for such a wide selection.

Costco – 53 cents per cup

Costco is also a membership-based wholesale club.  They are spread all over the United States and can also be found in Canada, Mexico and other countries.  Costco has a good selection of k cup beverages.  They offer brands like Coffee People, Green Mountain, Caribou, Tully’s, Celestial Seasonings and more.  Boxes are 160 ct. and sell for $84.99 bringing your before tax k cup price to 53 cents.  Not a bad deal at all considering there should be a Costco in your neck of the woods, and the selection is good.

Free Shipping!


Cheap K Cups in Local Stores – Home Goods Stores

Other local deals can be found by using a few coupon and discount tactics.  See details below for each store:

Kohl’s – 51 cents per cup

Kohl’s often has sales going on.  Sometimes you will get a sales paper saying ’25% off of everything!’  Sometimes they offer 30% off for their charge card holders.  They offer a pretty good selection including, Emeril’s, Timothy’s, Caribou, Gloria Jean’s and Green Mountain.  They sell k cups in boxes of 18 for $14.99, but you can often find them on sale for $12.99.  When on sale, if you have a Kohl’s charge card and they are offering 30% off when you use your charge card, you can get the 18 ct. box for $9.09 making your per cup cost 51 cents.  This takes some shopping skills!  You will be looking for sales, and applying discounts offered to charge card holders, but if you are willing to price shop and you have a Kohl’s charge card, why not get this deal?  If nothing else, use this method to test brands and flavors in smaller box ct. quantities and when you find ones you like, order in larger quantities at wholesale clubs or online.

Bed Bath & Beyond – 53 cents per cup

Bed Bath & Beyond, also known as B3, carries k cups in 18 ct. boxes.  If you have a B3 near you, then you have probably received their famous 20% off discount coupons in the mail or in your Sunday paper.  Their retail price for the 18 ct. box is $11.99, but when you apply the 20% off discount, you will get it for $9.59 making your cost per k cup 53 cents.  Unlike the Kohl’s deal, you don’t need a store charge card, just a discount coupon.  The in store selection may be limited but it is worth looking.  This is also good method to get cheap k cups in a small quantity to try out, and then order your favorites in larger quantities.


Finding the best deals on k cups may take some shopping around, but this site offers some great information for helping you get your favorite k cups at the cheapest all around price.  We will constantly update with new findings and encourage readers to comment and give each other tips as well.  So send in any great hometown brick and mortar finds, and help your fellow shoppers find cheap k cups in local stores.

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Discount K Cups: Where Are They?

Discount K Cups

If you are searching for discount k cups, you are probably looking to get a price preferably below retail.  You can get a ‘discount’ from retail pricing in a few ways.  Wholesale membership clubs offer pretty good discount k cup prices, but you will have to buy in bulk.  Some websites will offer discount k cup pricing if you sign up for scheduled deliveries, some will offer lower prices if you order a certain quantity, and some offer free shipping when you hit a certain quantity or if your total purchase reaches their free shipping threshold.

Shop Around and Take Notes!

It pays to shop around for discount k cups, but be sure to pay attention to which way you will receive your discount and make sure it makes sense for you and truly is the best deal you can find.  It actually helps to jot it down or if you are researching online you can use Notepad or Excel to keep track.  Think about it, you can get kind of lost with comparing different deals when the discounts come in different forms.  It makes it easy if you put together the entire order, including any applicable shipping or taxes and then divide out the number of k cups you will get for that price.  Assign that price to that specific retailer, and keep shopping around until you find the deal that fits you best.  The best price may come from ordering 12 cases of k cups, but you may not want that many k cups!

Helpful Articles That Point to How and Where to Purchase Discount K Cups

I have put in a ton of research into where to find discount k cups, and what purchase or membership requirements may be necessary to get the deals.    The following articles will guide you on what kinds of deals are out there and details about how to get them.

K Cups Best Prices Online – find out what discount k cup prices are like online and get the gist of what is necessary to receive those discounts.

Discount K Cups in Local Stores – learn how to use coupons, local sales, and membership clubs to get great discount k cup pricing in your local stores.

Other Methods of Getting Cheaper K Cups

Rather than just search for discount k cups, some other methods of getting your single serve coffee cheaper involve using accessories that allow you to use your own coffee, or reuse k cups.  The following articles detail the most popular accessories and explain how they can greatly reduce the expense of getting your coffee by the cup.

Discount K Cups: Solofill Refillable K Cup Filtera refillable k cup filter made of plastic and mesh that uses your own grounds and fits in place of a k cup.

Discount K Cups: Reusable My K-Cupa reusable k cup filter, much like Solofill, that allows you to use your own coffee and forego the expense of using a new k cup each time you brew.

Reusable K Cup – My-Kapa plastic cap made especially to fit a spent cleaned out k cup, so that you can reuse the plastic cup and filter multiple times.

Reusable K Cups – EZ Cup a refillable filter for k cup compatible brewers made of plastic and paper filters, allowing you to grind and use the coffee of your choice.

Cheaper K Cups – Pod Holstermade of plastic, this ‘holster’ allows k cup users to use pods in their k cup coffee makers, providing the freedom to use the coffee of your choice, even if you choose pods to avoid a mess.

Disposable K Cups – DisposaKupmuch like the same concept of paper plates, these plastic cups and paper filters allow you to use your own coffee and throw the whole cup out, however, if you wanted to reuse them to reduce expenses, you could do that just like using My-Kap or K Savers. 

Ekobrew – Reusable K Cup FiltereKobrew is a refillable filter, similar to My K-Cup and Solofill, made of BPA free plastic and high quality metal mesh allowing you to use your own coffee and reduce the cost of single cup brewing.

Reuse K Cups – K-Savers Lidsa lid that allows you to reuse a spent cleaned out k cup, like My-Kap, only rather than be made of plastic it is made of stainless steel.

Whether you desire to use new k cups each time, or if you are up for using accessories to reduce the cost of k cup brewing, this site is full of great info that will guide you all around the Keurig brewing system, and you can learn all kinds in details about how to find discount k cups.

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K Cups In The News

Hot Off The Press!  Great News for K Cup Users!

Starbucks K Cups Are Here!

You, like many coffee drinkers, are searching for an answer to the question – when are Starbucks K cups going to be available? Recently, Starbucks announced a strategic partnership with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc in an effort to manufacture and distribute Starbucks and Tazo beverages in K Cups.  This gives k cup users even more fantastic choices for single cup brewing.  It also may seal the deal for those Starbucks lovers who are looking to purchase a single serve brewer because Starbucks isn’t available in other single serve portions.

Starbucks and Tazo k cups are currently being sold in brick and mortar retail stores. By early 2012, they are planning to have the Starbucks and Tazo k cups available in Starbucks stores, as well as, through the Green Mountain, Starbucks, and Keurig websites. For more details go straight to the Starbucks Newsroom.

Dunkin’ Donuts K Cups Are HERE!!!

Another question you may be asking yourself – where can I buy dunkin’ donuts k cups?  Dunkin’ Donuts has recently announced their agreement with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters making Dunkin’ Donuts coffee available in k cups.  These k cups are now being sold at Dunkin’ Donuts stores, and are offered in 14 ct boxes.

Dunkin’ Donuts k cups are available in the following varieties: Original Blend, Dunkin’ Decaf®, French Vanilla, Dunkin’ Dark® Roast and Hazelnut.  For more details, check out Dunkin’ Donuts  news on their blog ‘Behind the Beans’.


The addition of these two popular coffee brands to the k cup lineup is great news for k cup users.  There is already a great variety of coffees and other drinks, but expanding the available coffees can be perceived as a sign that the coffee market itself has confidence in Green Mountain and the k cup brewing system.  While others are losing popular brands, k cups are gaining.  Good news if you own a k cup compatible brewer!

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Keurig Coffee Makers: What is Available?

Keurig Coffee Makers

Keurig coffee makersIf you have been hearing the latest buzz about Keurig and their patented k cup portion packs, you are probably curious as to what kind of Keurig coffee makers are out there, what they are capable of, how much they cost and where you can get them.  Currently, there are 6 different models of Keurig coffee makers for the home.  Each has its own features and capabilities, and all are compatible with the patented k cup single cup coffee portion by Keurig.  This article will highlight each brewer, giving you a snapshot of what each has to offer, so that you can seek more details on the one that best fits what you are looking for.

The 6 Keurig coffee makers on the market are highlighted below:

Keurig B-31 MiniPlus Brewer – retails for around $99.95

In the line-up of Keurig coffee makers for the home, this one has the smallest footprint, and is perfect for those who have little countertop space in their kitchen, or if it is to be used in an office or even a guest bedroom.  It has an automatic shut off, removable drip tray, and 3 different brew sizes.  The Keurig MiniPlus comes in black, red and platinum colors, and brews a cup of coffee in under two minutes.

Keurig B-40 Elite Brewer – retails for around $119.95

Of all the Keurig coffee makers, the B40 Elite Brewing system that gives you a lot of bang for your buck.  Faster than the MiniPlus, it brews a single cup of coffee in under a minute.  It has a larger footprint, and will require more countertop space, but it makes up for it with its 48 ounce water reservoir.  It has an automatic shut off for safety and energy saving reasons, utilizes Quiet-Brewing technology, and brews 8 and 10 ounce single cups.  These Keurig coffee makers come in black only.

Keurig B-60 Special Edition Brewer – retails for around $149.95

Though the two Keurig coffee makers are a lot alike, the B60 steps it up a notch from the B40, with some sleek design aspects and programmable features.  These brewers come in black, with chrome accents and a blue backlit LCD screen.  It allows you to program water temperature, set the auto on/off, and digital clock.  Like the B40 it comes with a 48 ounce water reservoir, but it can also brew a 6 ounce cup, in addition to the 8 and 10 ounce cups that the B40 is capable of.

Keurig B-70 Platinum Brewer – retails for around $179.95

The B70 is exactly what its name implies: platinum.  If you want a single cup brewer with all of the bells and whistles that looks sleek and modern and brews up a great cup of coffee, then look no further.  This Keurig coffee maker comes in three colors: Midnight Black, Gloss Cinnamon, and Platinum, each of which contains a blue backlit LCD screen for displaying programmable features.  Like the B60, you can program water temperature, auto on/off and the digital clock.  This brewer is capable of 5 brew sizes: 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz.

Keurig B130 In-Room Brewing System – retails for around $99.99

Of all of the Keurig coffee makers, this one is made with hospitality in mind.  Whether you own a bed and breakfast, or you just have frequent visitors to your home, if you would like to provide your guests with their own in room brewing capabilities then this brewer seems like the way to go.  This coffee maker keeps it simple, with a single use water reservoir and one brew size.  Brewing instructions with graphics are printed on the front face of the brewer for ease of use.  It also has an automatic shut-off for energy savings, as well as, safety reasons.  The B130 In-Room brewer is comparative to the MiniPlus, however the MiniPlus is more geared toward an everyday home brewer, with more brew sizes.  The B130 keeps it very simple so that a guest who has never used a Keurig coffee maker could pick it right up and use it the first time with no complications.

Keurig B155 Brewing System – retails for around $249.95

This Keurig coffee maker is made for a home office or even a small office where multiple people will be using it daily.  It comes with programmable features like water temperature, automatic on/off, and even set your language of choice: English, Spanish or French.  It comes with a 90 ounce water reservoir, so you can brew more cups with less reservoir fill-ups.  Removing the drip tray allows for using travel mugs, and you can brew 4 different cup sizes: 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz.

As you can see, Keurig offers a great selection of coffee makers for brewing k cups.  You can check them out in your local stores, like Wal-mart, Target, or Kohl’s.  You can also find them all over the net, but start with a shopping site like Amazon, where you can read a ton of reviews and hear from customers who have experienced using the brewer and can give tips on their use or can provide helpful information on potential problems.  Bottom line, if you like the variety and quality of beverages you find in k cups, browse through Keurig coffee makers and you are sure to find one that will suit your needs.

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Keurig B40 Elite Brewer

The Keurig B40 Elite single serve brewer retails for $119.95 and will have a fresh hot cup of coffee brewed for you in under a minute.  Put in your favorite coffee, tea or hot cocoa K-Cup and select a cup size.  This affordable single serve brewing system has two brew size options: a 7-1/4-ounce cup and a 9-1/4-ounce mug.  It contains a 48 ounce removable reservoir giving you 6 cups of water before having to refill.  The drip tray is removable for easy cleaning and also to allows enough clearance for travel mugs.  The Keurig B40 Elite coffee maker features a 2 hour automatic shut-off.


Most Helpful Keurig B40 Elite Pros:

- Most people found this gourmet single serve brewer to be a great value for the price.  It is a big step for people used to purchasing a $20 Mr. Coffee machine, but the convenience of having fresh coffee fast without having to grind beans, clean the pot and spent wet grounds and filter is worth it.

-The 2 hour automatic shut off is great if you are one to worry that you left the coffee pot on, but can be disabled if you drink coffee throughout the day.

- Consistent coffee.  Many people love the fact that you get the same cup of coffee every time.  The K-Cups contain a pre-measured amount of grounds, so each cup will taste the same as the one before.  It really takes out the guess work.

-No more having to drink stale coffee because you don’t want to waste it.  You make each cup as you want it, not make a pot and let it sit on the burner until you want more; all the while it is becoming bitter and stale.


Most Helpful Keurig B40 Elite Gripes:

- A lot of customers said that the regular coffee was weak if you made a larger cup.  They recommend extra bold or bold if you use the larger cup.

- Some folks felt that the larger cup was not large enough.  They would prefer at least a 12 or 16 ounce cup for the larger size.  If you are buying your k-cups coffee in bulk you could always brew two 8 ounce cups.  If you are getting your cups for 50 cents or under that is a dollar for 16 ounces.  Not as cheap as making a pot, but cheaper than a coffee shop and you aren’t left with the bitter stale coffee.


Keurig B40 Elite Conclusion

The Keurig B40 Elite is a great brewer for those looking for a single cup of their beverage of choice in under a minute.  The Keurig Mini brewer is the next step down in price retailing at $99.95, but the Mini brewer takes just under 2 minutes to brew and it has a single use water reservoir.  It will be up to you if you want to spend the extra dough to get a faster brew and a larger water reservoir.  Overall, the B40 receives 4 stars from over 500 reviews on and the general consensus is that it is worth the price.  I personally own the Keurig B40 and find it straightforward, simple to use, and I have had no problems with it.  I give the Keurig B40 Elite and give it my personal stamp of approval.


Read Reviews / View or Buy Keurig B40 Elite




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Reuse K Cups – K-Savers Lids

Reuse K Cups With K Savers

There are some really innovative people out there and it is exciting to see how many products are on the market for k cup users, especially products, like K Savers lids, that allow you to reuse k cups.  Single serve brewing can be expensive if the consumer doesn’t shop around for the best deals.  However, even the best prices for k cups online or in your local stores can’t beat the price of reusing a k cup by filling it with your own coffee grounds.  Products like K-Savers and My-Kap were invented to provide k cup users with the option to clean out a spent k cup and reuse it over and over reducing expense and plastic waste being thrown out.

What Exactly is a K-Saver?

K-Savers are little caps made of stainless steel and designed specifically to fit snugly onto a spent cleaned out k cup.  Once you have used a k cup, you just peel the foil completely off and empty out the grounds into the trash or garbage disposal.  Once you have gotten out all you can, run the k cup under the faucet to get any remaining grounds out.  Next, you let the k cup dry.  Now all you have to do is fill it back up with the coffee of your choice, snap on a K-Saver and place it in your brewer.  For convenience, you can pre-make as many k cups as you have lids.


Read Reviews / View or Buy K-Savers


See For Yourself

Any Tips On Using K-Savers?

  • When loading the k cup back into the brewer, line up the hole punctured into the cup during its initial use so that this is where the brewer punctures it again.  This helps you to get more use out of the k cup, as well as, keeps more air out if you pre-make your cups for the week.
  • You may find that some k cup brands work easier with K-Savers than others.  This is due to different brands being just slightly different in size from each other.  The K-Saver was made to fit most k cups, so just tinker with it.  Some may fit more snug than others, but if you find ones that work better, choose those for reusing.

Most Helpful Pros

  • Most reviewers state that they love being able to use their own coffee, and the freedom to try different coffees in their Keurig brewer without having to order a whole box of k cups.
  • Many people also stated the simplicity of using the caps, and that it was an easy process.
  • Some liked that these lids are BPA free as they are made of steel.

Most Helpful Gripes

  • Some folks felt that they could not get a good fit with the lids and the k cups they were trying to reuse.  They experienced leaking and would not recommend trying the product.
  • Other reviewers warned that due to being made of steel, these lids can be sharp and several reviewers were actually cut while using them.

Overall Thoughts on K-Savers

The concept is great, and at a retail price of $14.99 for 5 you can easily recoup your money spent by the what you will save by using your own coffee rather than a new k cup every time you brew.  Also, you can rest easier knowing that you are not filling a landfill with non-biodegradable plastic every time you brew.   All in all, K-Savers do the same thing as My-Kap, the allow you to reuse k cups, but they have an advantage of being BPA free.

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Ekobrew – Reusable K Cup Filter

Reusable K Cup – The eKobrew

The eKobrew reusable k cup filter is a new product in the k cup accessories market that allows for using your own coffee, and significantly reduces waste.  Made by Eko Brands, this product was born from the conviction that the convenience and quality of single cup brewing does not have to involve throwing little non-biodegradable plastic cups into the landfill for each cup of coffee brewed.  For coffee drinkers that are environmentally conscious, this filter provides a means by which they can enjoy single-cup brewing without the guilt of having a negative ecological impact.

What is eKobrew and How Does it Work?

Ekobrew is a one-piece refillable k cup filter made of 100% BPA free plastic, and a high quality micro-mesh screen filter.   The lid is attached with a durable hinge, and contains a heat resistant silicone seal, both of which indicate this filter was engineered for longevity.  Being that the coffee will be filtered by the mesh screen rather than a paper filter, the coffee brewed through it will taste more like that from a French press rather than from a standard drip coffee maker.

See For Yourself


Read Reviews / View or Buy eKobrew


Manufacturer Tips

  • Your perfect cup of coffee is unique to your personal taste, so experiment with your grind level but keep in mind:

o   Courser grounds let the water pass through faster, meaning less extraction from the coffee, meaning the coffee will taste weak.

o   The finer the grind the slower the water flow through the grounds, however you can get it too fine and either cause a blockage and water will back up into your brewer or the grinds come through the mesh and into your cup.

  • Have fun with experimenting with grind level, amount of coffee relative to water, etc.  You can become your own coffee expert and become able to produce your best flavor every time you brew.


This item is new to the market, and yet has over 200 reviews on  With a 4.5 star rating, most consumers love this product, and find it easy to use with very little mess.  The freedom that it gives Keurig users to use their own coffee is a top pro given in reviews.  Another interesting thing to point out is that many complement the design, and say that the flat bottom makes it easier to fill and clean out.  I have not used this product, as I have a Solofill, but the Solofill does not have a flat bottom.  It has a protruding section that is intended to better water distribution and flow, but it does make it more difficult to get all of the grounds out.  I am curious to try to flat-bottomed eKobrew and compare the flavor of coffee I get and ease of use.  Coming soon: a test of eKobrew vs Solofill and my personal review.

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Cheap K Cups – Medelco Reusable Filter

Medelco K Cup Filter – Makes Single Cup Coffee Cheaper

Medelco Inc. has been in business since 1976 serving the coffee drinking market by providing universal accessories for kitchen products.  Their brand, One All, seeks to provide consumers with high quality affordable solutions to either replace part of an appliance such as a carafe, or to improve the performance such as a permanent coffee filter.  With a history like this, they were primed for creating a reusable filter for
k cups users.  Their reusable filter is much like My K-Cup, and allows the k cup user to use their own coffee reducing the amount of plastic waste thrown away with each brew, as well as, the cost of single-cup brewing.  Those looking for the best prices on k cups might find these types of products helpful in their efforts to significantly reduce the expense of single-cup brewing.

What Exactly Is the Medelco Reusable Filter?

The Medelco reusable filter consists of three parts: a plastic filter holder, a surgical-grade stainless steel mesh filter, and a plastic cap.  Environmentally friendly, this filter is very similar to the Solofill, in that the mesh basket will brew coffee to taste much like that from a French press.  It was designed to fit all k cup compatible brewers, and with a retail price of $8.99 it is a cheaper alternative to the My K-Cup.


Read Reviews / View or Buy Medelco


Any Helpful Tips on Using the Medelco?

  • Make sure your grounds are fairly course; otherwise smaller grounds will make it through the mesh basket and into your coffee.

Most Helpful Medelco Pros

  • The ease of use and ability to use the coffee of your choice were the most mentioned pros for this product.
  • The filters are a little larger than the My K-Cup filter, so you can pack more coffee in there if you like your coffee strong or if you are using a brewer that is capable of larger brew sizes.

Most Helpful Medelco Gripes

  • Many consumers complained about this filter not lasting very long.  Parts quickly wear out and it begins leaking.
  • Leaking from the beginning due to a poor seal from the rubber washer.

Is the Medelco Reusable Filter Right For Me?

Medelco has built a reputation for quality products, however there are mixed reviews on this product.  Though it is cheaper than the other reusable filters on the market, it will be up to you to decide if you want to give Medelco a shot or look into other products with better reviews, like the Solofill.

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Disposable K Cups – DisposaKup

Keurig brewer users have one more item on the market that allows them to use their own coffee, the DisposaKup.  DisposaKup was created in order to satisfy two needs for k cup users: the freedom to use any coffee they would like and to have a mess free clean-up.  There are other products on the market that allow k cup users to use their own coffee, but most require some work and can get messy.  DisposaKup is along the same lines as a paper plate; it serves its purpose and can be tossed.  It’s as simple as that.

In the following sections you will find a product description, tips and hints on product use, as well as, product review highlights that will give the most common likes and dislikes of the DisposaKup.

What Exactly is a DisposaKup?

DisposaKups are made of plastic and each unit consists of a cup, paper filter and lid.  To use you simply insert a paper filter into the cup, spoon your coffee of choice into the cup, and snap on the lid.  Presto!  After about 10 seconds of work, you now have a k cup that is loaded up and ready to brew.  When brewing is done, simply remove the DisposaKup and toss it into the garbage.

See For Yourself


Read Reviews / View or Buy DisposaKup


Any Helpful Tips on Using a DisposaKup?

  • Be sure to remove the cup after you brew.  Some folks say that if you leave it in overnight that it becomes difficult to get it out.
  • Be sure to snap the lid on tight or you will get a mess.
  • Also, be sure that the paper filter is folded over the top edge of the cup when you snap on the lid.  (As shown in the above video).  If you don’t get this right, the filter can fold down into the cup and you will have coffee grounds in your coffee.

Most Helpful Review Pros:

  • The easy clean-up.  It is just as easy as using a k cup, only you got to use your own grounds.
  • The ability to put in the amount of coffee that you prefer, allowing you the freedom to tweak your coffee to the strength that you like best.
  • You can even use the lids to reuse a spent k cup, but a helpful tip when doing this is to line up the hole already in the bottom of the k cup from its first use so that it will be where the cup is punctured again.  This keeps the k cup from having two holes in the bottom and helps prevent leaking.
  • Many love the cost savings of being able to use their own coffee, and stated that even though they had to purchase this product and pay shipping charges it still reduced the expense of their coffee per cup.

Most Helpful Review Gripes:

  • Some had issues with water leaking, but did state that they had tried to use the lids more than once.
  • Some that tried this liked the idea of being able to use their own coffee, but when it came down to throwing away the plastic cups each they preferred a more environmental option.

Is DisposaKup Right For Me?

Currently, you can get a package of 50 DisposaKups on for approximately $17.98 including shipping which comes out to around 35 cents per cup.  You can also find them for sale on where a package of 50 sells for approximately $16.94 which comes out to around 33 cents per cup.  You will need to do some math to figure out how much each DisposaKup filled with the coffee of your choice is going to cost you.  For an example of figuring this out see the article Cheap K Cups: Reusable My K-Cup and scroll down to the section ‘How Much Money am I Saving By Using the My K Cup?’ which describes in detail an example of figuring out the cost per cup from a bag of coffee.  Once you have done the math, you can compare the cost with a pre-filled off the shelf k cup, and determine if the cost is less or in fact more expensive.  If it is more expensive, you will have to decide if using your own coffee is worth the extra cost.


The DisposaKup is one product among many on the market today that seeks to allow k cup users to use their own coffee.  The way it differs from the others is that it is meant to be disposed of, just like a k cup.  It is designed for those who like the convenience and easy clean-up using a Keurig k cup brewer.  Some may see this as an answer to their prayers, and others may be uncomfortable with the environmental waste factor involved with throwing away plastic every time you brew.  That choice will be a personal preference and totally up to you.  The DisposaKup disposable k cup receives rave reviews from those who have tried it and is worth a try if you are not looking for the most ecological solution out there.


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