Cuisinart SS 700 K Cup Brewer

Cuisinart Single Serve BrewerThe Cuisinart SS-700 is a k cup compatible brewer with all of the bells and whistles and demonstrates Cuisinart’s reputation for quality of function, as well as, design.  With this gourmet single cup brewer, you’ll be producing fresh coffee, tea, and hot cocoa in under a minute.  With 4 brewing sizes to choose from: 4, 6, 8 or 10 ounces, you should be able to create the perfect size cup for you, and using a k cup brewer opens up over two hundred different varieties of beverages available to choose from!

A notable feature of the Cuisinart k cup brewer the programming capabilities both for On/Off time and brew temperature.  With the one-touch technology, it is easier than ever for you to enjoy your hot beverages in just minutes.  Another key feature is the My K Cup reusable filter that comes with this brewer.  This filter allows you to use your own coffee, which further increases your coffee options and cuts back on the cost of single cup brewing.  The Cuisinart comes with a built-in storage compartment for the My K Cup allowing you to keep your countertop clean while still having your gadgets and tools conveniently in reach.

Gaining a product user’s prospective on product ownership and their experienced pros and cons when considering a purchase is an excellent way to get an idea of what will best suit your needs.  A summary of the most helpful positive and negative reviews follows:

Cuisinart SS-700 K Cup Brewer Pros:

One user says that she replaced her Keurig coffee machine with the Cuisinart SS-700, and takes it with her on her traveling adventures.  She stated that it makes a very delicious and flavorful cup of coffee and that she has been a 3 year fan of brewing k cups.  She does admit to having a few pump problems and thinks that it may have been attributed to an air lock.  She said that the water would not flow back into the chamber that heats it.  She said that when she refilled the water tank and made sure that it was properly seated that the trouble went away.  Despite these minor issues, she loves this machine and has not had any further pump issues with it.

Another buyer stated that the Cuisinart SS-700 k cup brewer is everything he’d hoped for and more than he’d expected.  He said that he had it over a month now and that it took him a while to find the right kind of K cup packs that were strong enough for his taste.  He said that most mornings he likes to use the 6 ounce serving sizes and that they yield a very strong brew of coffee.  He stated that he appreciated the filter cup that allowed him to use his own coffee grounds, which enable him to make his cup weaker or stronger according to his taste.  He also appreciated the fact that the brew cycle is very quiet, when compared to other gourmet home brewing systems.
Cuisinart SS-700 K Cup Brewer Cons:

One customer stated that he purchased the Cuisinart SS-700 k cup brewer and was told that it was one of the best.  After one month of use, the system only made 8 ounce brews, although he had selected the 10 ounce option on his system.  He then cleaned the system as instructed by the manufacturer and according to their guidelines.  He even switched to bottled water, but still was not able to fix the problem.  He decided to call the manufacturer again and wanted to obtain warranty service.  He said that he provided his credit card information to provide for the 10 dollar shipping fee and was charged an additional $37. 97 for when the machine was broken during shipping.  He does not recommend this product and stated that he would not purchase from Cuisinart ever again.

Cuisinart SS-700 K Cup Brewer Manufacturer Recommendations:

A.  Water - any hot beverage is made up of mostly water.  The quality of the water is often overlooked, and is as important as the quality of tea, cocoa and coffee.  The manufacturer advises a good rule of thumb is to make sure that if you’re using tap water that it tastes good, as it will not taste any better with the gourmet home brewing system.  Although this system uses a charcoal water filter that helps eliminate odors, chlorine and bad taste, it is recommended to use distilled or bottled water from the store for optimum taste.  It is also recommended that the water filter be changed after 60 uses or after 60 days, whichever comes first.

B.  Coffee – all of the flavor should be coming from the tea, coffee or cocoa.  In order to achieve premium quality taste that is similar to the coffee bars, you will need to use the same quality ingredients.  It is recommended that you use the most premium brands on the market, so that you can assure the freshest and most flavorful taste.

C.  Grind - the grind of the cocoa or coffee is critical in the flavor extraction.  With the K cup packets, everything is pre-measured and pre-ground, making things easy and convenient for the perfect cup every time.

D.  Proportions – the cup size will not matter if you use the Cuisinart SS-700 in conjunction with the K cup pack.  You will always be able to produce the perfect cup each and every time.  If you are going to be grinding your own coffee, be sure to remember to add the right amount of ground coffee that is going to correspond to the number of ounces that you will be drinking.

Cuisinart SS-700 K Cup Brewer Conclusion

In conclusion, this single cup brewer does enjoy a largely positive review base.  While there are a few negative reviews, overall this unit seems to be a wonderful addition to anyone’s kitchen or office.  To get a better idea, check out more reviews or product specs on the Cuisinart SS-700 by clicking the product page link below.


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