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K cups best price is your go to site for finding the best k cup prices online and in local stores.  Get tons of information on where to get k cup coupons, free shipping, deals on bulk orders, and learn how k cup accessories can make single cup coffee even cheaper.

K Cups Best Price is frequently updated with the newest deals on k cups.  We check local deals and scour the internet to find the best k cup prices and find bulk purchase discounts and shipping deals.  If price is your driving force, then visit Amazon.com’s  and check out their ‘Subscribe and Save’ option.  Be warned, the selection is very limited, so if you have certain brands of k cups in mind and you are shopping around for the best price for those brands your best bet will be to look into websites that have a greater selection, yet offer great pricing and shipping options.  The price of the k cups and shipping combined give you your price per cup.  This is the best way to determine where you can find k cups best prices.

You must consider how much you plan to purchase, as some places have great pricing discounts and shipping deals when purchasing cases, or a certain number of boxes.  Below you will find brief summaries of the sites that have the best prices on k cups.  They differ in selection, quantity purchased before pricing breaks, amount of total purchase before free shipping, and amount of flat rate shipping under the free shipping threshold.

The best way to look at what each seller has to offer is to look at their lowest price per k cup, and what criteria you must meet as far as order quantity, total purchase price, and whether or not you must sign up for a scheduled delivery to get that price.  Then take a look at what criteria you are willing to meet, and who offers the lowest price based on your needs.

K Cups Best Price

K Cups Best Prices Online

Amazon – as low as 39 cents per cup

Amazon has a very limited selection at this price; so many people may not choose them because they do not carry the specific coffee or drink that they prefer.  It is worth checking to see if they do carry the brand you prefer because if it is on their ‘Subscribe and Save’ list, you hit the jackpot as far as price goes.  There is no better deal on the web.  Here’s how it works:  Go to Amazon and type ‘Subscribe and Save k cups’ into the search box.  The products you will see are offered at a discounted rate providing that you subscribe to receive a shipment of the product at an interval which you select.  The shipping is free.  To give you an example, you could get 80 k cups of San Francisco Bay Coffee One Cup k cups for $31.35, meaning that you paid 39 cents for each k cup.  Best price k cups you can find.  If you are worried about the commitment involved in Subscribe and Save, you can postpone your shipment if you are not ready for it, request it early if you need it or cancel the subscription anytime.  If you like the coffee, why not have it shipped to you automatically and get this great deal?

Free Shipping!

AlpineValleyCoffee.com – as low as 53 cents per cup

Alpine Valley Coffee offers a great selection with a very cheap price per k cup of 53 cents, however to get this price you must buy a lot of coffee!  Their pricing structure is set up so that if you order 12 boxes, 24 or 22 ct., then you get each box for $12.95, making each cup cost 53 cents.  They have free shipping on orders over $48, so you would not pay for shipping costs if you bought 12 boxes.  If you have a certain coffee that you love, and you want to order in bulk, then you will save a lot of money by purchasing your single cup coffee this way.

CoffeeWiz.com – as low as 56 cents per cup

Coffee Wiz has a decent selection of coffees and hot drink k cups.  They have a bulk discount price of $13.49 per 24ct box if you order 4 or more boxes making your k cups cost 56 cents each.  However, you still have to add a shipping cost to this, as you must hit $60 before you reach the free shipping threshold.  That means that you would need to order 6 boxes to get 55 cent k cups.  If you order 4 or 5, you will get the bulk price discount, but with added shipping the cost per cup becomes 84 cents.  If you are looking to buy 6 or more boxes, this is a great deal.

GreatCoffee.com – as low as 56 cents per cup

Great Coffee offers couple of deals that when used together offer a low price per cup.  When you buy 6 boxes or more the shipping is free, and when you buy 10 boxes or more the price per box becomes $13.49.  This means that if you buy 10 boxes, you shipping is free and your cost per cup becomes 56 cents.  Another way to get 56 cent k cups is to sign up for scheduled deliveries.  You can change your delivery interval or cancel at any time.  If you don’t want to order 10 boxes or sign up for scheduled deliveries, you can buy 6 boxes to get free shipping, and with the price per box being approximately $13.69 your cost per k cup is then 57 cents.  Still not a bad deal and they offer a great variety of coffees and other hot beverages.

BigCatCoffees.com – as low as 57 cents per cup

Big Cat Coffees offers a HUGE selection of coffees, teas, hot chocolates, and they carry brewers and supplies as well.  Their pricing for 24ct boxes is approximately $13.75 per box, so if you place an order over $75 to get the free shipping, the cost per cup will be 57 cents.  Something pretty neat about Big Cat Coffees is that they offer a variety pack where you can create a 25 ct box with 5 cups of 5 different beverages.  You get to try different drinks this way without committing to larger quantities.

Conclusion: Where Can I Find K Cups Best Prices?

If you have done much shopping or researching pricing on k cups, you know that these prices are all great, and better than what you will find in most local stores.  You can however find great deals in local stores as well.  Also, keep in mind that now that Keurig’s patents on k cups have run out, there will be more competition entering the k cup market, meaning better price selection.  An example would be the lowest price coffee on the list, San Francisco Bay Coffee One Cup.  Look for more brands like this entering the market and offering you a lower price option.  We will keep you updated, whether you prefer online shopping or hitting up your local grocery or home goods store, on where to find k cups best prices.


Featured Article of the Week:


Kopi Luwak: The Most Expensive Coffee In The World

This article is a guest post from our friends at Espresso Essential WA.

For the coffee connoisseur hunting for the perfect cup of coffee, nothing is off-limits. Not even if the beans used to produce it have been excreted by an animal and equate to an exorbitant $50-$120 a cup. “What?”, you might be asking yourself, “$50 -$120 for a cup of coffee? You must be kidding me!” Well, I am definitely not kidding, Kopi Luwak gets the title for the most expensive coffee in the world and it sure does have a unique production process. Let’s investigate a little further…

What exactly is Kopi Luwak?

Kopi Luwak is a rare variety of coffee produced from coffee beans that have passed through the digestive system of the Asian Palm Civet, found across South East Asia but primarily in the islands of Sumatra in Indonesia. It is also known by the name Civet Coffee. The name is dervied from the Indonesian words for coffee (kopi) and civet (luwak). The Asian Palm Civet belongs to the viverrid family, and is a small cat-like mammal native to South East Asia.

What makes Kopi Luwak so special?

It’s all in the process! Kopi Luwak starts off with the best and ripest coffee berries that the Asian Palm Civet can find as they forage through the forest. As the coffee berries are being digested by the animal, proteolytic enzymes permeate the coffee bean and break down the proteins inside. It’s this aspect of the process which helps create the unique flavour that Kopi Luwak is renowned for. Sounds delicious, right?

Once the Asian Palm Civets excrete the coffee beans, local farmers collect them for processing. From there, the beans are carefully processed by washing them, drying them, and storing them until they’re ready to be roasted and grinded to give us Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world.

What makes Kopi Luwak so expensive?

Authentic Kopi Luwak is not that common. After all, the Asian Palm Civet chooses only the best beans (which only are available during harvest season and not year-round), they eat them then excrete them, and then the Kopi Luwak farmers need to hunt out those civet droppings. And that’s just the collection process. In other words, if the civet does not want or like the coffee berries available, then no Kopi Luwak is produced, scarce indeed.

Given the nature of how it’s produced and the limited time-frame within which it can be produced, Kopi Luwak is a rarity, and as such, it does command prestige, and with that, a special (and heart attack-inducing) price tag.

How was Kopi Luwak discovered in the first place?!

You may have been wondering this since the very start of the article. How and perhaps more importantly, why, would anyone try making coffee from animal excrement?

Initially, the Dutch colonists who oversaw the coffee plantations in Indonesia, did not allow the local farmers to taste of the coffee they were farming. As a result the farmers satisfied themselves by making their coffee with the beans they found excreted by the Asian Palm Civet. It is not documented how the Dutch plantation owners came to first taste the coffee but once they had it, they developed a real love for it, and Kopi Luwak was officially born.

Where can you buy Kopi Luwak?

Kopi Luwak can be bought online although it can be tough to be sure that you’re getting the genuine article. Better yet, to avoid scams and unscrupulous folk selling you the fake stuff, you could go to Indonesia and get it straight from the local farmers themselves. Or, to really ensure you’re getting the real deal, you can collect the beans yourself (some farms allow this), dung and all!

Is Kopi Luwak worth the price?

If you are a real coffee connoisseur, then yes it is, without a doubt, even just for the novelty experience.

Those who have tasted the rare coffee say it has a very clean taste, no aftertaste and acidity, not bitter at all, very smooth and almost syrupy in feel, and it even has an added hint of chocolate. The price is indeed worth it for the true coffee connoisseur, especially if you have a taste for novelty and the exotic. Just be sure to brew it using the best coffee machine you can get your hands on!

So that’s the story of a fascinating, rare, and expensive version of the drink we all love so much.

If the coffee won’t keep you awake, then the price for a cup might!

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